Why Nigeria will be worse-off With Tinubu, Osinbajo

Why Nigeria will be worse-off With Tinubu, Osinbajo

By MarkAnthony Nze

It is vociferously ridiculous how honour was bestowed on men like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo among the noble Yoruba ancestry, men who are devoid of any form of integrity, who fabricate lies at the snap of their fingers without recourse to good conscience, equity and justice, and often willing to sacrifice their own people to gain political, and economic recognitions, they are so power hungry that humanity means little or nothing to them.

They profess knowledge of God as they claim to be devout Muslim, and Christian respectively, however regrettably, the only god they worship is their belly. They are people that are ever-ready to lead their people to the slaughter slab as sheep for their selfish ambitions, they are the real depiction of Wolves in Sheep’s clothing, freebooters whose consciences had long died, marauders parading themselves as leaders of the revered Yoruba race.

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What about the murder of Engineer Funsho Williams, Tinubu’s number one strongest opponet, and a sure winner of the governorship elections that were grossly manipulated in favour of Tinubu? Maybe, Tinubu, always deluding himself thinks that Lagosians are unaware of the genuine story of Williams’ death before his media stooges doctored the report. Not to worry, the day of reckoning will come someday, it doesn’t matter how long it tarries, and justice would be served.  

In saner climes, men like Tinubu, should be serving long prison sentence for massively looting the treasury of Lagos State almost to insolvency as a two time Governor of the rich aquatic, and commercial state. How does one explain the sudden, and stupendous  wealth acquisition of Tinubu shortly after being a Governor?

An individual that heavily depended on the financial goodwill of friends, and party members to fund his gubernatorial campaign, now, owns virtually more than half of Lagos in reality, and have several billions, if not trillions of naira monthly from almost all the South-West states ferried into his compound in bullion vans for being the Chieftain of the fraudulent All Progressives Congress Party(APC) – Nigeria’s ruling party, that has besieged the country with all forms of pernicious and iniquitous activities, chief among them is their brazen act of thievery in governance.

Their party members holding political offices in the land embezzle public funds with impunity, and blatantly displaying their  hypocrisy of trying to expunge corruption in the country. 

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