Deep thinking

I don’t wait for people to think for me.

By Odumodu Gbulagu

I’m a deep thinker, and I think about many situations and how they occur.

I don’t wait for people to think for me.
I think for myself.

I think about life in it’s entirety, and realized no matter how rosy or hard life is, it all ends up six feet below.
The only thing that matters is the impact one was able to make and the legacy left.

I think about God, nature, and how everything came into being.

I often interestingly watch the children play, and observed the roles they play instinctively without being taught.

The little girls will cook with used tins, sand, water, and flower, and then serve the boys.
They tie a doll at their backs and instinctively play the roles of mother

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The boys would in turn build sand castles, build cars and trucks, and play the roles of father.
They go to work, come back and eat foods made by their little wives.
I love their innocence and untainted minds.

I know there is a force in this life, and every religion attests to it, whether atheists, science or religions.
I don’t care the way anyone wants to serve the supreme being so far it doesn’t trample on the rights of others.

I think about governments in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries.

I think about powers, kingdoms, empires, Dynasties; and arrived that power is transient and no kingdom, or empire rules forever.

I think about the physical and metaphysical.

I think about the rich, the poor and the needy and how different backgrounds we grew up in or find ourselves in affects our behaviors.

I think about disabilities, health, and sicknesses.

I think about the food some people value and call delicious, while others abhor and hate.

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