The injustice on Sowore by the failed Nigerian state

The injustice on Sowore by the failed Nigerian state

By MarkAnthony Nze

The recent incarceration of Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of Sahara Reporters, an online news web portal, who incidentally, was the presidential candidate of African Action Congress (AAC) party in the last election where he lost to the impostor, Jubril Al-Sudani masquerading as President Muhammadu Buhari, by the Nigerian government is absolutely nothing but a brazen act of injustice.

The #RevolutionNow protest which was slated on August 5, and still took place on the stated day though poorly, due to the absence of Sowore, is being criticised by quite a number of the citizenry for the temerity, he had to call for a revolution in a democratic dispensation which would lead to violence and eventual anarchy in the country.

In reality, the intention of Sowore was basically, a peaceful protest to question the rot in the Nigerian polity, and get the political leaders to sit-up and correct the anomalies abound in the most populous African country.

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The hopeless state of Nigeria is more than enough to get any sane mind that is part of her worried, and possibly seek a solution to the chaotic disorder, the country is presently, enmeshed in.

However, those who are ripping-off the country, seem not perturbed one bit by the current repulsive state of Nigeria, a condition so deplorable to the extent that our economic and political thresholds have been badly abused, with the rate of poverty so alarming, and the rule of law, which should protect the citizenry, and uphold the constitution of the country to ensure peace, and order subjugated thus it was not out of place for Sowore to have called for a protest.

If only those who are castigating Sowore for the courage to call for a nation-wide revolution, would be sincere to themselves, they would realise that Nigeria has never been this divided in any of the past democratic administration among the tribes, and other ethnic groups with so much bad blood dwelling within them, coupled with massive looting of funds by public office holders.

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