Politics of shutting down Akanu Ibiam International Airport

Politics of shutting down Akanu Ibiam International Airport

By Odumodu Gbulagu

The worst thing that can happen to a man is for an oppressor to clearly deny him the knowledge of his history by tactically erasing it, so that the future generation won’t know the truth.
To achieve this, they make the oppressed think he’s the oppressor with little brainwashing.

Teaching of history in Nigeria schools wasn’t stopped for nothing, and the intended reason so far has been having full effect.

It’s no news that the federal government wanted to close down the airport indefinitely, and after some measures put in place by Enugu state government and the pressure from Southeast politicians and governors, decided to close it for 3 months for repair works.

I have carefully listened to the views of some of our Igbo brothers, especially the ones in the ruling APC on the reasons the federal government gave for the intended indefinite shutdown of Akanu Ibiam International Airport, and in all honesty one can’t be faulted if he says that their brains have been looted.

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Some of them advanced that the airport floods whenever it rains, but pictures of Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos circulated online few weeks ago with mini River because of rain, yet nobody has advocated the indefinite shutdown of the airport.

Some said it was because of the meat market close to the airport, and I wonder if they suddenly woke up and realized that there’s a meat market there.
The market had been there for decades, yet no airplane ✈bird incident had been recorded.
Some said it’s because of telecommunications mast along the routes, and I ask if they just realized there’s telecommunications mast along that route.

The truth is that the plans to shutdown the airport can be traced to Nigeria/Biafra civil war.
There was an evil agreement not to give the Igbos direct access to the world.

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