Electoral Banditry In Buhari’s Nigeria

For his tenacity of purpose and consistency in principled opposition without compromise, President Muhammadu Buhari will be remembered as the man who helped keep Nigeria’s democracy alive in the first sixteen years of the fourth republic. His engaging and robust politics of opposition, which saw him contesting for the highest office in the land since 2003 against every PDP incumbent helped prevent Nigeria from sliding into a one party state. President Buhari will eventually share the spot light in 2015 with his predecessor, former President Goodluck Jonathan whose electoral reforms sanitised the system to such an extent that for the first time in Nigeria’s electoral history an incumbent lost in a contest with an opposition candidate. After sixteen years of unbroken but wobbling civil democratic rule, Nigeria’s nascent democracy has matured and what was deemed an experiment had become a certified theory of people power as the determinant of political leadership.   

While General Buhari kept democracy alive with the oxygen of robust opposition, President Buhari is suffocating it to death with his fist of incumbency. Having failed to fulfil any of his three pronged electoral campaign promises of taming corruption, tackling insecurity and fixing the economy, President Buhari and his ruling APC party have resorted to electoral subterfuge to hold on to power four years later in 2019. Apparently emboldened by a judiciary, which not only allow them to keep what their opponents contends to be a stolen mandate but has raised the bar of burden of proof on victims of electoral heist beyond realistic limits, President Buhari and his ruling APC threw caution to the wind in the democratic abomination that was the Bayesla and Kogi elections.

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However, the electoral sacrilege that was the elections in Bayelsa and Kogi is only a lesser part of a greater unfolding aberration in Nigeria’s civil constitutional democracy. Upon his pyrrhic victory in the 2019 election President Buhari has moved quickly to consolidate his hold on power with a vice like grip.  A committed partisan purist who is well known for his abhorrence for the due process of the rule of law and the constitutional dictates of separation of powers, President Buhari has deployed executive powers to humiliate the now subdued judiciary and bully the legislature into a state of slavish submissiveness. In a manner akin to Hitler’s Nazirisation of Germany, President Buhari has politicised otherwise apolitical state institutions by appointing party chieftains as heads and in the process sacrificing national interest on the altar of partisan considerations.

President Buhari’s fidelity to partisan purism as well as his commitment to party supremacy, which aims to decimate the ranks of opposition into extinction by every means possible, portends grave danger to Nigeria’s fledging liberal democracy.  Among many other strategies, His selective war on corruption, which largely shields his partisan loyalists from the law but severely punish opposition elements has turned the ruling APC into a safe haven for former and current rogue elements in the political space. For a man who places a high premium on personal loyalty, which he apparently equates patriotism, it was easy for smart political renegades to advantage of President Buhari’s idiosyncrasies to earn his trust by simply feigning robotic loyalty to him. These rogue elements have successfully converted President Buhari’s commitment to partisan purism into an opportunistic criminal franchise of power grab, by way of electoral banditry for self service at the expense of Nigeria’s common patrimony.

Arguably one of the greatest electoral heist in the history of the fourth republic, the Bayesla and Kogi elections were openly rigged in favour of the ruling APC with the full cooperation of security agencies and Nigeria’s electoral management body. The over 60,000 policemen that were deployed to enforce law and order during the exercise stood by and feigned helplessness as  dare devil thugs invaded polling units, dispersed voters and made away with voting materials. An equally compromised electoral management body not only surrendered voting materials but also accepted same when they were returned, officially endorsed the fictitious figures imputed and announced the winners of this charade.

The last time Nigerians witnessed anything close to the recent electoral abomination in Bayelsa and Kogi states was in the 2007 general elections. However, what makes the case in hand worse is that 2007 happened in Buhari’s 2019 Nigeria. In addition to unrelenting efforts at curtailing free press in order to evade public scrutiny of its dark sides and the unleashing of electoral banditry on Nigeria’s voting populace to steal their mandate at gun point sign posts a steady descent of Nigeria into a one party authoritarian fascist dictatorship, where the people have no voice and their votes no longer count. With the APC devoid of any ideological leaning or pragmatic approach to good governance, President Buhari’s partisan purism is nothing short of commitment to the self-seeking agenda of the numerous rogue elements in his ruling APC.

For Nigeria, the consequence of a routinely stolen electoral mandate is an arrested socio-economic development. Under the yoke a deliberately flawed electoral process, Nigeria is not likely to experience, peace and prosperity as electoral banditry approximates administrative banditry. For failing to reform Nigeria’s electoral process to further reinforce the power of the people to reward or punish their elected political leaders as the only portent incentive for good behaviour, President Buhari has set Nigeria several light years backwards with guarantee of a pervasive bad governance culture now entrenched in the system. Clearly, President Buhari’s fidelity to partisan purism and commitment to party supremacy is an enabler of entrenched bad governance culture. Nigeria’s ruling political establishment has just been enamoured to continue in their bad ways of misrule and governance inertia for as long as they belong to President Buhari’s ruling APC they are guaranteed victory at the polls no matter what the people feel.

It is morally reprehensible for a President Buhari who was a beneficiary of Nigeria’s fledging liberal democracy and improved electoral management process in 2015 to bequeath to Nigeria a legacy of electoral banditry. President Buhari has betrayed the moral code of democratic leadership, which places a constitutional obligation upon him to place national interest above any other interests in the business of governance. The change democratic revolution of 2015 by the oppressed masses of Nigeria, which brought him to power has been lost to their former oppressors, thanks to President Buhari’s betrayal of their trust and confidence in his ability to transform their ideals to reality. If democracy died in Africa then President Buhari just presided over its rites of passage in Bayelsa and Kogi states of Nigeria. Sadly, even in death democracy was not given a decent burial in Nigeria, as its body was mutilated, burnt and its ashes dispersed into the confluence of rivers Niger and Benue from a flying helicopter.



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