Why Gov. Ganduje’s Entourage Humiliated Pastor Odumeje

Some of you think we criticize these guys out of hate or bitterness but that’s not true. The truth is that we know things you don’t know. We understand their moves. Religion and politics are siamese twins like I do say.

The picture below says a thousand words. Gov. Ganduje (Gandollars) is the man being used by the Buhari cabal to penetrate Igboland for APC. He doesn’t go empty handed. Too much money is involved in his movements in and out of Igboland. You all know how he gives Mbaka too much money openly and secretly. Preachers are the most influential in Igboland as you all know and that’s why the cabal have been using Mbaka who’s arguably the most influential preacher in Igboland.

Then Odumeje started growing wings recently. Gained popularity by constantly bashing omenani and Odinani Igbo. Anyway, he’s now a popular Igbo preacher who believes he can tap from the #Gandollar oil.

Nigerians, ask yourselves how/why Odumeje got to the airport in the first place and what even connects him with this political meeting? Learn to ask questions, my people.

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I’ll tell you guys but summarily. One of the monarchs you see there offered to link him with the Gandollars South East deal and he would have also gotten the deal if not for his gra-gra. He took him to the airport for a start. Odumeje was supposed to follow the monarch when he was approaching Ganduje but decided to delay a little so that he’ll be noticed specially and even outshine the man who took him there. He doesn’t understand how high class security works because he’s ignorant and primitive. He would have passed if he followed the only entourage (that of the monarchs) that the security was briefed on or better still just wait to meet Ganduje away from the public place as things like this are done codedly but being (ikuku ana afu anya) he decided to pass anyhow. Plus Ndi ichie hardened his heart just like Jehovah hardened Pharaohs heart in order to disgrace him.
Image result for GANDUJE AND ODUMEJE


Ogbuevi Iveagujidile

Africa Today News, New York

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