Buhari’s Stranglehold On Southeast Governors

The North had been looking for ways to take over the Southeast, as they are still seen as a conquered people, but the uncommon courage and bravery we showed during the civil war had made the approach of the North more tactical, than confrontational. As a very conscious strategy, they have decided to use our political leaders against the masses to achieve the domination they have been seeking

The current Governors of Southeast are bunch of spineless and lily-livered men who are safely tucked into the Babanriga of the men at Abuja. They are just pawns in the hands of Buhari. They can’t give a fight because there’s no fight in them at all. The Southwest Governors didn’t have to consult the FG before floating Amotekun, and the whole region and entire Nigeria apart from the North supported them against the FG.

The recent Southeast Governors security summit have left a sour taste in the mouths of political watchers, who thought they would have gone the way of the Southwest Governors to float a regional security outfit which would be backed by law for the protection of the lives of their people; as Nigeria security agencies have shown they can’t be trusted. They have killed unarmed protesters from the region, and are currently laying siege in the region where there’s little or no security threat. Still, our governors preferred to align with the same community policing that has failed them.
Floating of a Southeast security outfit just as the Southwest did, would have been the beginning of restructuring of Nigeria.

Southwest Governors showed uncommon courage and synergy when they realized that leaving the security of lives and properties of their people in the hands of Nigeria security agencies will amount to genocide. They floated a regional security outfit named Amotekun which will take care of the security of lives and properties of their people, even without consulting the federal government, and their houses of Assembly have gone ahead to make laws backing the establishment of the outfit.

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Prior to the establishment of Amotekun, Southwest was overran by Fulani herdsmen who killed, maimed, and raped women at will. The height of it was the abduction and killing of Fasoranti’s daughter, whose case has been swept under the carpet by the powers that be who had constantly asked Nigerians to submit their lands to the Fulani invaders so that they won’t lose their lives.

While a one term Ondo Governor spearheaded the establishment of Amotekun, and was ready to sacrifice his second term bid because of it, Governor Willie Obiano signed a pact with the APC to hand them over Anambra once they made him win second term. While Governor Seyi Makinde was making sure that any herdsman that killed anyone in his state must face the full wrath of the law, Governor Obiano offered to pay 500,000 naira for every head the Fulani herdsmen cut off in Anambra.

They have succeeded in planting a stooge in Imo state, who directly takes order from them. The judicial coup showed how desperate they are to take over the Southeast.
Umahi of Ebonyi state played into their hands a very long time ago.
Ugwuanyi who established forest guard was being prevailed to disband it and key into the already existing community policing.
Ikpeazu of Abia state is neither here nor there, and can easily be overrun by the powers that be.

From the judicial coup in Imo state, and the pact Obiano had with Buhari, Umahi’s compromise and I don’t care attitude of Ugwuanyi, and Ikpeazu, if care is not taken, APC will take over Anambra and other Southeast states. They can’t win elections in any of the Southeast states, but with the current bunch of lily livered men governing us, Buhari’s impunity and their hunger to take over the Southeast at all cost it would be an easy ride for them yet again.


By Odumodu Gbulagu



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