‘How A Nigerian Pastor Duped Me Of My Life Savings’


This is my cousin Pastor Nkemchi Agnes James that I have been depositing all my savings into her account. On July last year I asked her to transfer the money I deposited into her account to my own after begging her to help me open an account or give me her account officer number so he can open it for me. My brothers and sisters since the month of July it has been one story or the other

. Either the bank blocked the account or she went up to the mountain to pray or she has church service or that she went to visit her mother who is sick in Lagos, which I learnt from her older sister that she did not go. The height of the lies was that she was saying that the reason the bank put her account on hold for 3 months was that someone in Indonesia deposited 40 million into her account. My mom went to meet her in onitsha and she promised to give the money by the 2nd week of December. But to no avail. I later discovered through some sources that I begged to check her account that she has only #700000 in the account which is not up to half of the money I paid into her account. Her family are not saying anything about the matter anymore. And now she is threatening me on My own money.

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She even have the guts to open her mouth to tell me that I will come back to Nigeria empty-handed. If anything should happen to me please hold her responsible. Please what do I do to this shameless woman that calls herself a woman of God and my cousin who is frustrating my life. Just to deposit #2 million from the money I gave her and am getting all this headache for. She is not married no children but what she used the money to do up till date I don’t have an idea and she will keep on saying that the money is there. If it is there why haven’t she deposited the money even after asking me to send her the account details last year December. Yet no show. This is her phone number +2348036741562 and she lives in Onitsha from Umuwada Ezinihite Mbaise Imo state. Where did I wrong this money her account where i pay the money which she told me that firstbank block Rv Nkemchi unghu no 3019825303 the fake criminal pastor nkemchi James without husband no child only with her stupid boyfriend ugochukw Edwin Enemuo from Amanuke village in Awka North Anambra state nkemchi use my money to do sugar mommy with criminal boy ugochukw Edwin who promise to marry her the old mbaise dog she use my money to look for husband at her 61 years where ugochukw Edwin Enemuo is just 34 years boy na Nigeria pastor nkemchi James thunder will fire you nothing good can come to your way old criminal where is the 70M on firstbank.

By Success Johnson





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