Coronavirus-Proof Houses For Sale In Turkey

Coronavirus-Proof Houses For Sale In Turkey

Some estate realtors in Turkey are selling “coronavirus-proof” houses online in the wake of COVID-19 in the country.

Turks are currently bracing for lockdown as the number of confirmed cases jumped to more than 350 from only a single case in less than 10 days.

In a bid to spice online trade, dealers promise 10 litres of traditional sanitiser as a gift to buyers.

29-year-old realtor Emre Sahin who is selling a 3-storey building in Aydin city, some kilometres to the south-east of Instabul explained the initiative. He said; “My goal was to cheer up people through these depressing days”

More than 600 people from across Turkey have called Sahin since the weekend, some just to congratulate him on his humour, others interested in real business.

Sahin is giving away 10 litres of the lemon-scented cologne, a traditional alcohol-based disinfectant which Turks offer to guests at home, in taxis or cafes, as hospitality demands.

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“At a height, even coronavirus can not reach,” reads one sales advert of an apartment on the 13th floor, in Ankara.

“Are you ready for a healthy life at the 960-metre-altitude,” reads another advert of a coronavirus-proof farmhouse in the Aegean city of Izmir.

“For coronavirus quarantine”, reads the headline for the Izmir house on online sale platform

On the same website sits a car sale advert that reads “Disinfected car. Not a single person with coronavirus has driven it.”




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