The Truth And Misconception About Coronavirus - Nze

Top New York based writer and Publisher MarkAnthony Nze Ujunwa today spoke out on the global spread of the Novel coronavirus and how it has affected the society. He said this during an interview with Kaftan News correspondent, Oyinyola Sale.


When is your opinion about the worldwide spread of the coronavirus infection?

There have been claims by experts that the novel coronavirus is not as lethal as experts propagate it and that it is only fatal to those with compromised immune systems. And there are different arguments from medical experts, that argue that it doesn’t warrant shutting down the whole system, but the Government has said otherwise.

Seasonal flu kills 60 times more than the coronavirus infection, how come the Government in any part of the world didn’t deem it fit to shut down the system then, yet they are shutting down the whole system because of the coronavirus pandemic which hasn’t even killed more than the deadly seasonal flu.

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Do you think it is some form of worldwide conspiracy for some backyard plans?

Some People are claiming that this situation is a full-blown conspiracy plan but I wouldn’t want to delve into it much and put people’s lives at risk by going back and forth on it being a conspiracy theory or not being a conspiracy theory.

But people should take the required measures to take good care of themselves by adhering strictly to the rules the government has laid out for them to be on the safe side.


Will this spread bridge the gap between the poor masses and rich people in the society?

It cannot bridge the gap between the bourgeois and the poor masses. Using Nigeria as a reference, you can see that the poor masses cannot afford the level of infrastructure and amenities which have been made available for the rich and elite individuals in the society. Only the rich can effortlessly afford the test kits. You can’t compare the way Governor El-Rufai was treated when he got tested for the virus to the way a common man would be treated if he also tested for the virus.  So that gap cannot be bridged.