Covid-19: Governor Obiano Doesn’t Know What To Do

Covid-19 - Governor Obiano Doesn't Know What To Do
Governor Obiano

Ndi Anambra, when we tell you that Governor Obiano has run out of ideas as regards governance, and especially this covid-19, some think we are saying it out of hatred.

He drafted a list of some of his low cadre aides and sent them to man our borders as extra securities. Isn’t it laughable? What are they going to be doing at the border? Hope he will give them guns? How are they going to enforce the lockdown?

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Remember that the purported Anambra index case came in from Lagos during the lockdown? Do you know that people are still coming into Anambra today? Are these low cadre aides going to take over from the police and military?

Check out the list of about 280 of over 1,600 aides who have been dispatched to man Anambra borders.
Corporal Harrison Madubueze is on night duty!
Meanwhile, Willie is still appointing aides based on who has the most poisonous venom that abuse those who they perceive as opposition.

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By Odumodu Gbulagu


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