The Perversion Of African History By Europeans

The Perversion Of African History By European

A people who fail to realise their history, certainly will not make progress, and will always believe the falsehood they have been fed with over the years.

They’ll rather see their immoral enslavers as their saviours while those who are telling them the truth that will liberate them from the age-long deception as their sworn enemies.

The above scenario is exactly the situation that has been confronting Africa for thousands of years now. Ever since ancient Kemet was conquered by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, and Western civilisation emerged beginning with the rise of the Greek empire, the original African history had been distorted and thoroughly altered with the falsehood from Western philosophers as mandated by their various Kings or Monarchs.

The saddest part of this deception is that the Western imperialists demeaned the history of melanated people in the most undignifying way whereby the rich cultural heritage of ancient Alkebulan is now seen as savagery irrespective of the fact that these imperialists were the ones who actually stole from Africa, horrendously dealt with her past generations, and currently dealing with the young one in the most subtle manner.

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The callousness of the Western imperialists and the subtlety of perverting the history of Melanated people which many of our people are yet to realise the damage after thousands of years are in deed the most successful fraud ever to have been pulled in the history of mankind instead Africans are ever ready to curse the memory of our noble ancestors who died for the just cause they believed in such as fairness, and refusal to be slaves to those who stole from our ancestral land.

Today, Western civilisation as well as its imperialistic attributes have been established in almost all the African countries, Europe previously had as colonies while the ancient Kemet civilisation which truly defined the Melanated people – our culture and traditions had been neglected.

The robust cultural and traditional heritages made us unique before the Western world and those same things that they found in us that were lacking among them are now being ignored by our people, the very things that caused the invasion of ancient Kemet by Alexander the Great which eventually led to the fall of Alkebulan.

Is it not ridiculous that the young generation of Africans know almost everything about the manipulated history of Europe which colourfully paints her ancestors as, “Saints” without blemish while African ancestors are vilified for atrocities they knew nothing about?

Is it not a big shame that the younger generation of Africans read and digest the history of Europe praising their forebearers whose iniquities against humanity in Africa ought to be unpardoned till they publicly apologise and make restitution to the entire continent of Africa but know little or nothing about their own very history?

In Africa, we have all the European history books applauding the beauty of Europe and their love for humanity but sadly, we hardly study or learn about our own history. In fact, in most African countries like Nigeria, History as a subject has been removed deliberately from the curriculum by the government.

Ancient Alkebulan history which will make the present young African comprehend his or her root, build self confidence and genuinely become patriotic but unfortunately are not even included or taught in our schools.

We keep teaching our children, age-long misconception from the West. We feed their young minds with hate about our ancestors and encourage them to love our immoral enslavers.

This reckless action vividly explains the reason why you see many Africans today heaping blames on their innocent ancestors for whatever challenges they might be passing through instead of holding their respective political leaders accountable who have been looting the public treasury and banking them in European countries thereby making our African brethren pass through lots of hurdles to make ends meet.

These unscrupulous politicians from Africa engaging in this theft of our commonwealth are motivated to do that because Europe provides safe Heaven for the stolen wealth as her countries where the monies are being kept use part of the loot to further develop their cities at the expense of Africa thus impoverishing the struggling masses in Africa.

Europe hardly talks about these loot from African politicians. In fact these politicians are encouraged to keep milking the resources of their own people to hide in Europe. And when the West decides to talk or probably return part of the money, it’s usually after several years when they must have adequately used the money for their own selfish economic reason.

The Western world of course loves these crop of African politicians and that’s why they keep encouraging these heartless and insensitive politicians by foisting them on Africans. Those who kicked against the ills of Western imperialism in Africa oftentimes were either eliminated or had their political career completely destroyed. Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso happened to be one.

The powers that be in Europe know quite well that once the African politicians allow the real teachings of Alkebulan history in our schools, the young generation of Melanated people will definitely realise whom they are, where they emanated from and where they would be heading.

Life is a lot easier when people know their history and how they can pragmatically apply what they have learnt from their culture and tradition to their future.

𝐃𝐫. 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐲 𝐍𝐳𝐞



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