Arabs, America, Europe Owe Africa An Apology, And Restitution

Arabs, America, Europe Owe Africa Apology And Restitution

Africa, today is regarded as the poorest continent in the world with many of her countries having capita GDP of less than $1,500, and the citizenry living on less than $1per day, which thus far have led to the deplorable living conditions in most of the continent’s countries.

The poverty-stricken condition of Africa is not only pathetic but equally should be very irritating to any sane African considering the fact the continent has the richest deposits of natural mineral resources such as bauxite, copper, cobalt, diamond, lithium, gold, oil, original hardwood forests, and tropical fruits.

There is a world estimate that well above 30% of the earth’s mineral resources are concentrated in Africa but sadly, the continent is still very poor and underdeveloped.

The poverty and underdevelopment of the African continent is as a result of two factors namely: exploitation of the continent’s resources by the Arabs and Western imperialists while the second one is due to bad leadership in the continent. In this regard, the former gave rise to the latter. How truthfully is this assertion, one might ask? Absolutely true!

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Many of the leaders in Africa are stooges of the Arab nations and Western countries who were imposed on the masses in Africa to continue their economic exploitation of the continent.

These profiteers from Arab and Western countries realised a long time ago that slavery which they began in Africa because of their immorality and lack of self-sufficiency unlike the continent of Africa in 145 BC till 1923 when it was legally ended, and it would be illegal to openly continue their practice of slavery, thievery of both human and natural resources of Africa hence they decided to devise a conduit to keep siphoning the wealth of Africa as many African leaders in their greed and unscrupulous nature, sad as it may, continue till date in aiding and abetting the numerous crimes of the Arabs and Western Imperialists from slavery, child trafficking, prostitution and economic exploitation.

As painful as the above atrocities meted on Africans are, they have not been totally broken as many have surmounted the challenges to become very successful in their chosen fields of endeavours.

Though these teeming professionals and entertainers such as architects, medical doctors, nurses engineers, footballers, musicians and other high skilled workers that ought to be developing the continent with their advanced skills are lured away from their first families with a fraction of the resources these Arab and Western profiteers stole from Africa to their own countries causing brain drain to the continent of Africa while contributing immensely to further develop these other continents.

As if all these are not enough, the Arab and Western countries have obviously sworn never to let Africa be in peace as they continue to cause political instability in Africa, and murder Africans at any given opportunity both publicly and privately.

In America, Africans are shot recklessly by White cops without any justification whatsoever, the recent and malicious snuffing of George Floyd’s life by Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, it’s a clear explanation that the Black skin unfortunately still irritates many Whites up till now despite the civilisation that the world has attained in recent times.

The on-going slave trade where Blacks are tricked and finally sold into slavery by the Arabs still shows that the wickedness is very much prevalent against the Black race today.

The Arab and Western countries have done so much harm to Africa both for economic exploitation and unjustifiable political domination. If they do not desist from these callousness, genuinely apologise and make restitution soon, in the near future, nature definitely, as usual will have a way of turning things around to make the unrepentant perpetrators of evil pay dearly for their unjust treatments to those whom they consider feeble and Guinea pigs.

Presently, there’s a high level of consciousness among the Black race all over the world and if the Arabs and Western countries think or feel that it is going to be business as usual then it is very clear that they are living in the highest form of delusion.

This is a good time for Arabs and the Western Imperialists to form a good alliance as regards making frantic efforts to make restitution to Africa.

The good thing about Africans is that they are usual peace lovers with humane souls who will be willing to let go the past and forge ahead but if these continents that have committed unimaginable and countless atrocities in Africa fail in this generation to make peace with Africa, it will most certainly be a sorry situation for them in future because power is transient.

Earlier before the 300 BC, who would have believed that ancient Kemet would later be conquered, and the Greece civilisation risen? None whatsoever!

Who would have thought that Greece that brought forth the glory of Europe would later become a shadow of itself today? Of course, it would have been unbelievable then.

Did any anybody ever believe that the Roman empire during the reign of Emperor Constantine would eventually crash someday? Many most definitely, would have bet with their lives that such was utterly impossible and considered anybody even if it were Nicodemus prophesying such a full-blown lunatic but the reality is that the empires, as well as other superpowers, eventually crashed and unfortunately, some will never rise again because of the terrible things they did against humanity.

The Arab and Western countries still have the opportunity now to make amends and truthfully pursue peace with Africa before it gets too late for them.

The facade of creating diplomatic relations with Africa currently is not the solution but genuine repentance and restitution.

By 𝐃𝐫. πŒπšπ«π€π€π§π­π‘π¨π§π² 𝐍𝐳𝐞



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