Asari Lied, He Received ₦20 Million From IPOB

Asari Lied, He Received #20 Million From IPOB
Asari Dokubo
  • Asari, Did you receive any money from Uchenna Asiegbu?

Asari Dokubo please stop lying because the more you lie the deeper your grave and that of these two men.

These are the two people Nnamdi Kanu directed to manage the liaison between IPOB, Niger Delta Avengers and you Asari Dokubo.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu gave you money through Uchenna Asiegbu here. Uchenna Asiegbu was responsible for sending IPOB money to you for onward passage to NDA. There was a special IPOB Defence Fund to support Niger Delta Avengers. That money was sent to Uchenna Asiegbu and we know it was sent to you.

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When next you do a video, please be specific and say “I did not receive any money from Uchenna Asiegbu”. Because Uchenna Asiegbu and Clifford Iroanya were mandated to ensure all monies allocated by IPOB to support NDA got to them.

Asari, it was Uchenna Asiegbu that remitted the money to your account. He is still alive so too is Iroanya. Unless you are saying they stole the money meant for NDA and support of IPOB men.

By Aiden Dillion



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