Racism: A Disease Worse Than Cancer

Racism A Disease Worse Than Cancer

Racism as a form of hatred and discrimination against a set of people based on their race is an age-long societal issue especially against the Black race by the Western world however, this is not in anyway implying that there are no racists among Africans.

In truth, there are Africans who would not hide their disdain for White people for a couple of reasons, and whatever that could be, there’s no justification for racism.

Racism is a disease, a terrible one that is far worse than a malignant Cancer which deliberately and rapidly, annihilates the entire human body. It shortens an individual’s lifespan, wrecks a country’s economy, socio-political advancement, and international diplomatic relations.

Basically, racism is often borne out of megalomania as well as ignorance of the highest order. It usually exposes the weakness of those who practice it out of prejudice as people who suffer from low self esteem and desperately need help. But unfortunately in their usual arrogance, they will never admit that they need some form of therapy or help to get over their handicap.

The Western world feels one way or the other that Africa is their problem that has refused to be conquered despite all the abominable atrocities that her people have committed against the Black race. This goes a little further to explain why many White people antagonise Africans in their supposedly land.

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But a cursory look at the events in the past have revealed that Europe and America were built with the resources from Africa and judging by this assertion, Africans deserve to be treated better by the Western world even if the Western powers decline to make restitution for carting away the human and natural resources of Africa

Quite frankly, this unfounded claim that Africans are the problem facing the Western world has been rearing its ugly ahead most recently against Africans both in the Western world and even in their own very soil, a typical example is in South Africa where the White people dominate the wealth of the country and use same to subjugate and petrify the real citizens of South Africa without justice administered.

In the United States, the African Americans are treated with contempt and the worst form of prejudice by many of the Caucasians, Arabs and Asians.

Their law enforcement personnel at every slightest opportunity manhandle Black people while hiding under the guise of carrying out official orders; in most cases the story subsequently ended up claiming innocent lives as we saw in the case of George Floyd, whose murder occurred not quite long.

It is absolutely preposterous and regrettably that the gruesome murder of George Floyd was as a result of racism. Police officers who in actuality that ought to be protecting lives and properties were vehemently controlled by the scourge and adrenaline of racism as they watched one of their own snuff out life from an African who incidentally pledges allegiance to the same country as they do.

The silly circumstance of $20 allegation of fake bill surrounding the murder of Floyd by reckless and sick people who in the first place had no business being on the streets as other humans let alone having the respectable American Police Badge is threatening the United States of America’s economy at $22.321 trillion just after the country has suffered tremendous loss in her economic activities.

It is utterly disgusting and shameful that racism is about to crumble the economy of America that has sufficiently held its position of being the world’s largest economy since 1871.

Indisputably, racism is a phenomenal problem in the Western world especially against people of colour, which the United States shares a great deal of it however the country is witnessing an unprecedented increase in racism ever since President Donald J. Trump who is allegedly described as an unrepentant racist by the mainstream media and those who possibly claim to know him on a personal level particularly in New York where he was born and raised.

This disease called racism which might not necessarily need a physician for diagnosis and treatment has very lethal and destructive effects just as earlier pointed out and if the Western world particularly the United States does not in pragmatic terms do something to curb or tackle it from the root then there’s an undeniable propensity that its resultant effects unfortunately will never be palatable for the countries involved.

The United States is the most powerful country in the world today because of her diversity and struggling to exterminate a particular race will not only ridicule the liberty and freedom her revered constitution preaches but also sabotage her economy greatly.

By 𝐃𝐫. πŒπšπ«π€π€π§π­π‘π¨π§π² 𝐍𝐳𝐞



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