South Korea Gives War Intentions To North Korea

South Korea Gives War Intentions TSouth Korea Gives War Intentions To North Koreao North Korea
South Korean President Moon Jae-In wants no war with North Korea
South Korean President Moon Jae In assured North Korea that his country wasn’t looking for another war.

This, he said on Thursday during the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

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Both countries are still technically in a state of war. Fighting between them from 1950 to 1953 ended with a ceasefire agreement, but a peace treaty hasn’t been reached until this day.

“Before speaking of unification, I hope that we can become friendly neighbours first,” Moon said in his speech during a memorial event at Seoul’s military airport.

“We are against a war”.

“The two Koreas’ competition over political and economic systems already ended a long time ago.”

“Our gross domestic product is more than 50 times that of North Korea, and our trade is over 400 times that of the North,” he said. “We do not have any intention to force our system on the North.”

“I hope North Korea will join the efforts of ending the saddest war in world history.



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