Nikky Emelike: Project Consultant Extraordinaire

Nikky Emelike - Project Consultant Extraordinaire
Nikky Emelike

Nikky Emelike, CEO of Neasden College, is one of the fastest rising entrepreneurs whose business enterprise spreads from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.
The UK based, Abia born entrepreneur talks about her life so far, her projects, and her liaison with the Special Adviser on Health to the Imo State Governor, Dr. Lina Amara Okereke in an interview with Africa Today News, New York.


ATN: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Ms. Emelike: My name is Nikky Emelike. CEO of Neasden College. Neasden College is a UK registered Training provider. I have a (Hon) Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies, and a postgraduate qualification in teaching and learning.
I am trained in adult education, experienced internal framework development from primary curriculum to college establishment, I am a qualified lecturer, CPD, Teacher Training certified.
I am also an overall project consultant. I have worked with many states in Nigeria as well as Europe to help their infrastructural development.
My expertise ranges from Teaching, Training, Funding, Bidding, Primary, Secondary, College framework development.

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ATN: Can we know some of the projects you are working on?
Ms. Emelike: I am a project manager to Dr. Lina Amara Okereke, the Special Adviser on Health to the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma.
I am well known as an entrepreneur in the UK, I can describe myself as someone who is into community development, and I have been sponsoring communities in the UK for so many years, especially Nigerian communities.
Neasden College as my brainchild was established to create a different conducive environment for training candidate from the age of 16+.
It is a pleasure to work with young people while they progress daily.


ATN: Do you think that your Principal has the wherewithal to deliver on her portfolio?
Ms. Emelike: In all ramifications, Yes.


ATN: Why did you choose to work with Dr. Okereke?
Ms. Emelike:  My passion is in community development, changing, creating, adapting to different models and working with Dr. Lina Amara Okereke, has given me an avenue to channel my passion into productive endeavors.


ATN: Would you mind to tell us some of the projects you and your Principal are working?
Ms. Emelike: Dr. Lina Amara Okereke, has since assumption as the Special Adviser on Health to the Imo State Governor carried out and supervised a lot of projects both in her area and also some collaborations with other members of the Hope Uzodinma cabinet.
She has created a special task force for the frequent and direct supervision of health facilities all over the state. She has also drawn out a master plan for the enforcement of the new healthcare guidance rules in the post-lockdown era in Imo state.
These rules are to make sure the coronavirus mayhem is nipped in its bud in Imo state.
These are just to mention a few.

ATN: Thank you very much Ms. Emenike for making time out of your busy schedule this interview. We wish you the best of luck!

Ms. Emelike: Thank you very much.




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