Why I Couldn’t Expose Corruption In NDDC – Kwankwaso

Why I Couldn’t Expose Corruption In NDDC – Kwankwaso
Rab’iu Kwankwaso

A former Governor of Kano State, Rab’iu Kwankwaso, has explained why he could not expose corruption in the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, in 2010.

The former lawmaker also said he resigned from the Commission’s board in 2010 due to the rampant corrupt practices in many government agencies.

Appearing on BBC Hausa on Saturday, Kwankwaso blamed the leadership of these agencies for the corrupt practices.

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Asked why he did not expose the corrupt practices in the commission, Kwankwaso, said, the “corrupt practices there were unprecedented,” adding “that he didn’t want to take part in. ”

He said it “was due to greed and desperate moves by government officials to accumulate wealth”.

He further denied allegations of corruption made against him, saying, “I hate corruption.

“Many times people who sabotage the economy through stealing, nothing is done to them and they end up being with (in) the government.

“All these happenings in the NDDC is because the leaders are not vigilant enough.”



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