Exposed! The Real Reasons FFK’S Estranged Wife Left Him

Exposed! The Real Reasons FFK'S Estranged Wife Left Him
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The media on Thursday was hit with the news that the marriage of former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, and Precious Chikwendu has hit the wall, thereby confirming other earlier theories about domestic violence and bad blood between the pair and bringing an end to the minister’s fourth marriage.

Since the news of their break up and divorce, there have been mixed feelings from observers and relatives alike. Numerous versions of the story have been flying around on social media. Some individuals have pointed accusing fingers at the wife, Precious Chikwendu who is popularly known as Snowhite for being mentally unstable and volatile, while others have expressly accused Femi Fani-Kayode of his domineering, abusive relationship with his wife which pushed her into leaving the abusive marriage.

Africa Today News gathered from a reliable source after due investigations the real reasons, the former aviation minister’s fourth marriage broke apart.

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Firstly, a family friend who was identified as Precious’ uncle, Reverend Okey Onyemachi had put out a statement saying that the reports that Femi Fani-Kayode had domestically abused Precious Chikwendu were all false. That she was a mentally unstable girl who has been admitted in numerous psychiatric hospitals over time due to her explosive behaviour and that her outbursts were mainly spiritual and not otherwise.

However, a sister to Precious Chikwendu has put up a clearer picture of the events that led to the crash of the marriage. Africa Today News, New York gathered that Femi Fani-Kayode was indeed a very abusive husband who put up with physically abusing his wife at the slightest provocation. He was also said to have hit her several times during her pregnant moments due to various conflicting reasons.

Africa Today News, New York also gathered that efforts to reach out to close relatives and friends failed because they were all in support of the minister due to the financial help that he was rendering to the family in form of her late mother’s hospital bills and some other minor philanthropic gestures towards the family. Femi Fani-Kayode had also allegedly shut her family out in the say of things when it came to them trying to put an end to the incessant domestic brawls between the couple.

Also, the knife incident was said to have been triggered by Femi Fani-Kayode’s continuous assault on Chikwendu who had to resort to picking up the weapon to defend herself. This led to her being forcefully ejected off to a psychiatric hospital where she was held hostage for many weeks till, on the pleas of many well-wishers, Femi Fani-Kayode finally ordered for her release.

These physical assaults and other verbal assaults only built up her resilience to wanting to opt-out of the relationship. Reports also have it that Femi-Fani Kayode has barred her from coming around the homestead and also cut off her access to her children for announcing the marriage break up.

Although the former Aviation minister has not put up an official statement to deny these allegations, it is worthy to note that his previous marriage crashed under the same eerie circumstances of domestic violence and over-burdening dominance.

His first wife, Saratu Attah, whom he married when he was 22, was also a victim of his hot-tempered violence. Sources confirmed that the woman was heavily pummeled for requesting a swimming pool in their home on Marine Road in Apapa, Lagos. His next marriage was to Yemisi Odesanya, daughter of a judge. In newspaper interviews, the woman told stories of Fani-Kayode’s viciousness and lack of care for their daughters, the reason for which he was excluded from the marriage of one of them, Temitope, in 2014.

And to confirm his violent attitude, Femi Fani-Kayode was known to have threatened and verbally assaulted a journalist with Daily Trust, for asking him a question during a press conference in Calabar, Cross River State. Apart from describing the journalist known as  Charles Eyo as ‘stupid’, FFK used other derogatory words on the journalist, drawing criticisms from far and near. The former minister eventually bowed to public pressure and apologised for his conduct.




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