Interesting Lessons To Learn From The 2020 Edo Election

My Take On Lessons Of Edo 2020
Barrister(Chief) Willie Amadi
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I might not know much about EDO politics but from the strategic point of view, I suspected that PDP will win if they police and protect their votes in the event that police and soldiers were not used during collation and announcement of results. APC in my thoughts variously got their strategy wrong in Edo State in the following ways;

1. The candidate Ize-Iyamu was unsellable after Oshiomole had destroyed him politically four years ago. Bringing him out after that dehumanisation as unfit to govern Edo people was an insult to Edo people. He was invariably telling them to swallow their vomit because he said so. Perhaps another credible and more popular candidate in the mould of the incumbent governor would have made the difference looking at the 80,000 votes winning margin on Saturday’s election adjudged to be free and fair against all fears.

2. Edo people furiously felt and challenged by the widely held view that Tinubu and Oshiomole were the ones to decide for Edo people who will emerge as their Governor. BAT and Oshiomole would have led from behind. No doubt, Ize Iyamu is a popular politician right from his university days but strategy is more crucial than popularity in an election. Strategy is the icing of popularity and other known and unknown election factors and intrigues.

3. The feeling of Edo people against Oshomole’s godfatherism theory was deep, flowing and resentful. It was an insult to the middle class and a disrespect to the royalty for a “little” Oshiomole without any known pedigree in Edo State to arrogantly boast of 19th September terminal existence of Governor Obaseki, a prince of the Benin Kingdom. This is a lesson for all little rascals and stragglers roaming about in Imo State and beyond because at the appropriate time water will always finds it level.

4. Appointing Governor Ganduje as the head of Iyamu’s campaign coupled with the notorious unending corruption trending videos showing where he was pocketing people’s dollars wasn’t elegant and strategic, to say the least and yet he was leading the campaign for people’s vote. APC in that very appointment shot herself on the foot and inadvertently challenged the people’s disgust that the supposed “looting” of public funds was inconsequential and normal but forgot that in politics, perception is key.

5. Governor Obaseki got sympathy from even the majority of APC members in Edo State, the elites, non-partisan politicians in Edo State from the reckless manner he was disrespectfully treated and his governorship ticket in APC yanked off by the same Oshiomole without any known justification expect for disagreeing with Oshomole over the arrogance of godfatherism and imposition during Oshomole’s tenure as Chairman of the party.

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Finally, the “2023” struggle by the APC cabal was key to EDO victory for those who are familiar and closely following the succession developing intrigues for the occupation of Aso Rock Villa come 2023. A case of dogs eating dogs within without barking.

Many thanks to Mr President, the international community and various pressure groups for allowing Edo people’s vote to count. I respectfully call on Mr President to leave an enduring electoral legacy and further strengthen this our democracy by sending an executive bill to the National Assembly to critically amend the Electoral Act in the areas of political party primary election, election proper and the ensuring an independent judiciary to cap a sustainable democratic culture in Nigeria moving forward.

EDO2020 was a Victory for 🇳🇬



Barrister(Chief) Willie Amadi



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