Afenifere Shows Supports #EndSARS Protest

End SARS: Buhari Is Wicked – Afenifere Blasts president
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Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere has thrown its weight behind #EndSARS protesters.  The group further pitched its restructuring idea to the government, saying it is the only solution to the current struggle.

Afenifere called on the government to devolve more powers to states and asked the Executive and the National Assembly to reduce the cost of governance.

The group hailed Nigerian youths, noting that they have now risen to say enough to excesses of the Nigerian state symbolized by the crimes of SARS.

‘This is not the time for long speeches. The message is clear: Let us now rescue Nigeria from imminent disintegration and destruction. Let us restructure our country into a fairer, more just, and equitable polity now,”the group said in a statement signed by Afenifere leader, Chief Reuben Fasoranti.’

‘To enhance nationwide development and progress return control of resources to states now. To ensure peaceful and harmonious co-existence devolve more power to the states now.’

‘To reduce corruption and cost of governance, reduce the size of government now. Now is the time. Tomorrow may be too late,’ the statement added.

‘The group also called on the government to heed to the demands of the youth and be willing to absorb the financial consequences by reducing their own salaries and expenses; as well as the costs of running government.’

‘The economic implications will boost employment, stimulate demand, and pull our country out of depression. The government has to act now, tomorrow may be too late,’ it said.

Afenifere also appealed to protesters to avoid a breakdown of law and order and warned the government to avoid any action that can escalate the tense situation.



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