'Buhari’s Rebuff Of NASS, Questions Our Existence'
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After Buhari’s absence caused by his sickness and subsequent treatment in 2017, there became a fine line between President and the Presidency in Nigeria as regards job description.

Buhari was elected as the President, but he has abdicated his duties and does not see any need to do certain things like make public statements or address Nigerians when necessary. Things like presidential Independence Day addresses and others like it which are norms for sitting presidents have been abandoned and not deemed necessary.

The Presidency is now a group of people vested with the job to call bluff to the demands of the Nigerian masses. Theirs is to attack anyone who asks questions about Buhari and his ability to pilot the affairs of the Nigerian people.

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In saner climes, the President addresses the people in national emergencies but in Nigeria, the President doesn’t see the need to talk to the people even when the whole country is up in flames. I have seen Presidents grace the occasion of the funeral of a service dog, but in Nigeria, even in the face of a full blown war, the President is still mum.

I bet you now that the President has agreed to address the nation, that it will be recorded addresses just like the previous ones. It makes one to wonder why a sitting President has virtually refused to make live speeches. It has almost vindicated Nnamdi Kanu’s claim that the man occupying the sit of power is no longer Buhari.



Odumodu Gbulagu