Dishonourable Mojisola Alli Macaulay: A Shame Of A Woman

Dishonourable Mojisola Alli Macaulay: A Shame Of A Woman
Dishonourable Mojisola Alli Macaulay
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Nigeria is a country that has been plagued with an unenviable amount of utterly corrupt politicians who derive joy in mismanaging their political offices to the detriment of the public. Mojisola Alli-Macaulay is one of these corrupt politicians. 

The lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin Constituency I at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mrs. Mojisola Alli-Macaulay has recently come under fire over how she hypocritically lambasted Nigerian youths while hoarding COVID-19 palliatives which were meant for her constituency.

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Alli-Macaulay, in a video of her address at an October 26 plenary of the House on the looting and violence that trailed the #EndSARS protests, had said,

‘We need to begin to orientate our young people. They are high on drugs all the time, most of them.’

‘They go to social media and do all sorts of things. I’m even scared to give my young children phones because I am scared of what they may see on social media. It is that bad.’

The lawmaker had also argued that unemployed graduates could get a job in the informal sector instead of complaining about joblessness.

These accusations were met with a lot of backlash, both from members of the public and some other members of the Lagos State House of Assembly. And after that, it was revealed thaT that the so-called Honourable Mojisola Alli-Macaulay in tune with the recent discovery of hoarded palliatives had used some of these palliatives which she had hidden away from her constituents to host a big birthday bash.

In some pictures that has now gone viral on social media, the package distributed by the lawmaker contained foodstuffs which included noodles, sugar, spaghetti, and garri which was meant to be shared to poor and vulnerable Nigerians as relief during the lockdown. Reacting to the picture leak, Nigerians slammed the lawmaker, saying she lacks the saying that she lacks the moral right to brand them as drug addicts while she diverts palliatives as birthday gift souvenirs. This act by Mojisola Alli-Macaulay only shows how low Nigerian politicians can descend in their foray into corruption and corrupt practices.

If a woman, mother, United Kingdom trained graduate and state lawmaker would be able to pull off an act of petty thievery, then what goes on in the upper ranks of politics in the country filled with uneducated, shrewd, diehard politicians can only be left to the imagination.

These endemic corrupt practices are mainly the things that have plunged the country into devastating problems which include poor infrastructure, lack of good governance, and grafts of all sorts in every sector of governance and leadership. These unscrupulous activities have led to mass unemployment, overstretching of inadequate and poorly maintained infrastructure, many Nigerians have had to flee home for abroad in search of greener pastures.

There’s nothing honourable about Mojisola Alli-Macaulay, who steals palliatives meant for her constituents so she is a dishonourable woman without shame.

Dishonourable Mojisola Alli Macaulay should hide herself in shame for letting greed take the better of her advanced intuition. Her hoarding and diverting palliatives make her no better than the average ‘hoodlum’ who breaks into warehouses to loot what rightfully belonged to them. In a saner clime, she should have been sanctioned and suspended for disgracing her political position, but this is Nigeria where anything goes.



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