The Nigerian Government And Their Social Irresponsibility

The Nigerian Government And Their Social Irresponsibility
President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria receives a briefing from his Vice President Yemi Osinbajo
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The All Progressives Congress (APC) led maladministration in Nigeria thus far have been full of irresponsibility especially in their obligations towards the citizenry in the country. Since the inception of that government in 2015 till date, they have brought nothing other than misery to the Nigerian masses which they ought to have been serving. They have always been a team of thievery, and an insensitive government that shut their ears to the plight of the Nigerian masses who are struggling to make ends meet in these extremely hard times in which their cluelessness and recklessness immensely contributed to the ugly situation.

Acceptably, the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic affected virtually every country’s economy in the world but it would be preposterous to claim that, that was actually the main reason why Nigerian economy is still battered, and majority of her citizenry living in abject poverty. Prior to the pandemic coming into existence in recent times in Nigeria, the APC maladministration had already plunged the country into a near state of bankruptcy in Nigeria regardless of the $322.5 million of Late General Abacha’s loot repatriated from Switzerland precisely on the 18th of December, 2017, $308 million from Jersey Island, United Kingdom in February 2020, and eventually $3.121 billion loan from China as at March, 2020. The ineffective and inefficient maladministration of APC-led Federal Government of Nigeria in their usual deception unabashedly lied that they used the huge sum for infrastructural development and shared the rest to the destitute in Nigeria whilst in reality, the malicious maladministration diverted the funds for their own selfish benefits. Folks like Lai Mohammed, Babatunde Fashola, Shehu Garba, Femi Adesina, Rotimi Amaechi and the rest of the Southern stooges of the Hausa-Fulani who have been helping this present clueless Nigerian Federal Government led and powerfully backed by the Northern oligarchy to disseminate falsehood were amongst the first to hurriedly endorse the deception.

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Today, due to the incompetence of the APC’s maladministration and prodigality, the public debt of Nigeria has currently risen to $79.303 billion, and will still surpass that with far higher figures in the near future as the APC maladministration is still planning on collecting more loans for their reckless spending and thievery within their circle of political rogues, and not necessarily for the interest of the Nigerian masses. This wasteful government of APC led by rogue-politicians within the last five years had already borrowed far more money without accomplishing anything with it than any other previous administration in Nigeria.

Despite being very irresponsible and unresponsive to the citizenry concerning the provision of infrastructures, security of lives and properties in the country, the frigid APC government in their ruthlessness, still consider it treasonable to let the Nigerian masses enjoy their peace of mind. They had already stolen every incentive as well as the Coronavirus palliative the masses ought to be enjoying. They had diverted public funds for their personal gratification, used part of the money to take adequate care of their numerous mistresses, concubines whilst their female counterparts used their own cut from the stolen money from our public treasury to spoil silly some of these irresponsible handsome looking young men whose laziness will never allow them to engage in anything meaningful in life other than being gigolos to elderly women who are old enough to be their grandmothers.

Though the focus here might be on the atrocities of many APC politicians however that does not suggest that many of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) politicians are in any way better. Most members of the strong opposition party (PDP) are all united in criminality irrespective of party affiliation except very few of them who try as much as possible to maintain a clean record whilst serving the masses, and oftentimes, those ones are usually not found among the groups of these looting maniacs whose only reason for going into partisan politics is to join their rogue-colleagues to loot the treasury of the country to bankruptcy.

Most of these politicians running the affairs of the Nigerian polity who parade themselves as His/Her Excellencies, Honourable men and women whose actions in reality are nothing but worthless are the ones who will never bother about improving the lives of those they lead, govern or represent but they will be quick to find an avenue to block or prevent constructive criticism which has now become a torn in their evil flesh that really deserves to rot in a burning furnace for making life utterly regrettably for the masses thus the reason why they are subtly pushing for the Anti-social Media Bill to become a formidable law, all in a bid to silence the voice of the Nigerian masses after they realised the influence of Social Media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and have now become a unanimous voice for the Nigerian masses to vent their anger, and pass influential messages amongst themselves. This beautiful development which stirred the EndSARS protest might be a welcomed one to the masses but unfortunately, it has proven to be a consuming fire for many Nigerian politicians who have been stealing from the coffers of the country, and must be quickly stopped, and for these unprincipled politicians, if the Social Media can not be stopped, then they will ascertain that they are fully controlled by them so that anything or message that questions the irresponsibility of their maladministration is prevented from circulation.

The recent EndSARS protest which nearly became revolutionary, did scare the hell out of these marauding politicians, and realising that the Social Media particularly helped to ignite the fire of unity amongst the Nigerian youths and other masses alike, they would rather have the media totally collapsed in the country or partially weakened if they can not fully achieve the former. The insensitive Federal Government is bent on taking away that avenue which has now become a succour to the Nigerian masses facing all sorts of hardships that the insensitivity of these political rogues whose only difference between common criminals on the the dark side of the street is that they were rigged into political power by their fellow criminals, which unfortunately now gives them the supposedly ‘legitimacy’ to continually loot public treasury with impunity, and that practically explains the reason why politics in recent times in Nigeria has become a do or die affair.

It is utterly repulsive that Lie Mohammed in his sycophancy and stooging whilst dragging whatever decency that is left of his name, to the mud for economic gratification had the temerity to blatantly initiate most recently that Social Media in Nigeria had to be regulated. A supposedly Minister of Information pushing to restrict the freedom of information that Social Media have brought to the teeming Nigerian masses. Even as a trained lawyer, Mohammed intentionally made a mockery of his noble profession by positing folery and high-handedness when he postulated that the Social Media presence in Nigeria needed to be regulated.

Needless to say, Nigeria is taking several steps backwards with the likes of Lie Mohammed, Rotimi Amaechi, Femi Adesina, Shehu Garba, Lauretta Onochie, Babatunde Fashola, Chris Ngige, and many others like them who are enlightened enough to know the truth as regards national development but instead chose to be butt licking the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy whose activities are on verge of ruining Nigeria if adequate measures are not taken soon to salvage the country.



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