Trump’s America: The Last Breath Of A Drowning Man.

Trump’s America The Last Breath Of A Drowning Man.
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America and the rest of the world might’ve entertained his unbecoming and weird comic foolishness, gross indiscipline, loose temperament, this seemingly audacious racist approaches for far too long, however, there’s a limit to how much one can permit such gross foolery. He got served!
What has been playing out lately in the United States of America is a huge blow to America’s face. What the outgoing American President, Donald Trump has reduced the supposed most populous democracy in the world is a startling and shocking embarrassment.
Indeed, Trump has brought disdain, division, and shame to the United States as a nation and to all her people. In fact, it seems by all means and standards, that he’s even more than determined to now completely destroy what is left of the nation. But America as we know her would triumph.
History has been made, what has become more like sponsored dozens of anarchists, criminals and yes, maybe violent radical elements had only recently taken to the streets in what was to be a protest, but got hijacked by the former group, causing mayhem and destructions even leading to deaths.
January 6th, 2021 has gone down in history, as that date when Trump supporters, those who chose to fall on the side likened to criminal elements made for America’s legislative seat of power, invading the Capitol Hill, where many struggled to climb through and over the wall. And they succeeded in scaling through those tall walls.
The brazen break down of law and order, the lawlessness and violence that erupted was most pitiful, shameful and a callous attempt to thwart America’s long standing democratic process. Shame! Legislators were invaded, and were almost waylaid. However, it didn’t deter Congress from performing their constitutional duties of affirming certified results of the Presidential election.
The most heartwarming news and man of the moment was Vice President Mike Pence, a sane, seasoned, polished, fine and refined man. Mr. Pence a perfect gentleman who at the Capital hill building unapologetically stood his ground, even against his own side and Boss, but for the American people – in total submission and respect for the constitution of the land and rule of law.
The outgoing Vice President, Mike Pence who could’ve by his authority created serious discord, disunity and confusion, as Trump could’ve had him to, refused to set a would-be terrible and dangerous precedence. He decided to do so rightly, what has to be done by certifying the Presidential results. This was even at his own loss, and the big win of all Americans and America’s democracy. Pence was the victor, he won many hearts.
It’s pertinent to note that Mike Pence, a creative thinker, the quintessential and urban gentleman could’ve by far, made a better President than Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the perfect gentleman was caged by his Boss, that his obvious smartness, willingness and dedication to service wasn’t felt to the fullest. However, at this last minute, his patriotism has been felt and it’s still reverberating globally.
What befell America was such a damning shame that they wouldn’t even wish it beclouds their enemies. This is what they see mostly in third world nations and dare to intervene, therefore with folded hands and utter disbelief, the world watched them in shock.
Even the so-called underdeveloped and third world nations laughed at them. The election was at that point going on in Uganda were, the President, Yoweri Museveni, a known dictator who has completed a record fifth term in office and was contesting for a sixth began making references to the violence that has erupted in the United States and mentioned in particular to CNN political anchor, Christine Amanpour about the invading of the Capitol Hill by American citizens.
Seemingly, America’s democracy was under attack, under the camouflage of those who are so-called peaceful protesters, yet they showed violent tendencies.
Many of us had remained very patient onlookers, waiting and praying that what’s happening in America today isn’t reality, but no, it’s as true as they come. Trump and his supporters had made a nonsense of everything America held high up and dearly – unity as oneness, world leadership and moderator, disciplineship and democracy. It’s such a sad moment for America.
What happened on the 6th of January is far more than enough to invoke the 25th Amendment of the United States, declaring the President incapacitated of handling the affairs, having him step-aside either voluntarily or through democratic impeachment. The violent crimes that played out in the US, orchestrated and perpetuated by Trump supporters has become far more than enough to wake up the next day and sack Trump.
The 26th Amendment was very clear, gifting full rights to all Americans of 18 years and above to vote or stand to be voted for. Donald Trump cannot for selfishness sake, with his out-blown ego, divisionary tactic and arrogance dare to push aside the rights of those citizens who the 26th Amendment powerfully equipped, empowers and protects.
Trump is yet to come to terms with his devastating loss. He had his chances of encouraging his supporters to be amongst early voters, but he blew it. And suddenly, he didn’t want all votes casted to be counted.
All it is that America once had great pride in. All it is that was loved and respected for. All it is that was cherished and admired about America. All it is that were the models Americans looked out for in their nation. All it is that made America a truly great nation. Trump within a twinkle, had so ruthlessly and recklessly destroyed without qualms of conscience.
Donald Trump is that spoilt brat of a wealthy father. You know, what befell him was an unawesome shocker and surprise. He couldn’t believe that his time was up from the White House. Someone who might’ve been born, grown to accepting that he never looses, and when reality dawns on him, he reduces himself to a rabble rouser. Therefore, like a drowning man, he chose to do whatsoever it is that is within him to make a nonsense of the entire process.
It’s even funny and at another time, sad that an incumbent could suddenly begin to cry foul. What does that even imply? He wasn’t and have never been in-charge. Democrats had all it needed to play a foul game much earlier after former President, Barack Obama’s Presidency, but no, they didn’t. They allowed a seemingly narcissist Trump attain that height of Presidency.
And when Trump, a Republican President got into power, he couldn’t hold forth, today, he’s crying that the process was marred by irregularities. This is the America he leads, and a process that’s under his watch. It’s good riddance coming from Americans to his bad rubbish. Americans can onceagain get her confidence back and regain the respect it commanded globally.
The dynamism of the US politics and the deep-rooted cum agelong structural foundation of the US democracy is so deepened, that they’re virtually solutions to nearly everything. It’s good to have creative thinkers who have foresight, thoughtfulness and the courage to have things stay as they should.
It seemed that those founding fathers and earlier frontiers of America had foreseen what was to come, and that a certain Donald, the son of Trump would rise someday, and dare to ridicule the sensibilities of Americans and shame the American nation state. They knew this day would come; they were however prepared for such eventuality.
The founding fathers of America were indeed well-schooled, thoughtful, foresighted and were a thorough breed that envisage the future, and so, their superlative fortifications has become what has saved the nation at this time and age.
Donald Trump is the first and only American President in history to be impeached twice. However, it was still Vice President Mike Pence who has continued to save the day for his Boss. Trump could’ve lost almost everything, if a joint session was possible, but recess was already on, atleast until the formal inauguration of a new administration.
For those wondering what an impeachment entitled fully, it meant he:
* loses his 200k+ pension for the rest of his life
* loses his 1 million dollars/year travel allowance
* loses lifetime full secret service detail
* loses his ability to run in 2024
Donald Trump’s loose temperament and poor handling of issues quietly and maturely has dealt a terrible blow on the man. Even on various social media platforms, things got so bad that for his many inciting and divisive write-ups which has become a tradition for him, the FaceBook CEO, Mack Zukerberg banned him from both Facebook and Instagram. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey also banned his accounts indefinitely.
Trump might be the American President, but definitely, not the FaceBook or Twitter President.
Those wealthy social media gurus, particularly Mack and Jack ofcourse thought it over critically and knew the possible downturn that was to come, in loosing business interests and gains once Trump gets banned, but they chose to loose huge interests and returns, and have America survive the ill wind and bad tides from Trump’s inciting comments, submissions and write-ups.
We agree that patriots go miles for the good of their nations and her people. It’s not always business as usual. If need be, they make huge sacrifices and inputs for the love of nation and prosperity of her nationals. For those who have habituated within the “sane environment” and around the elitist world, they clearly should understand what is in contention.
It’s not merely about business. It’s not about Mack or Jack’s gain. It’s not about what plays out in events that they loose. It’s all about their nation. It’s about their people. It’s about safeguarding their oneness. It’s about the peace, sanity and security that the United States of America does enjoy currently.
America as we know it is well fashion, blessed with foresightedness. They aren’t ready to gift away so freely, such peaceful privilege they enjoy, merely because someone feels directly or indirectly wronged, therefore chooses to incite or orchestrate violence, merely because he lost in an election.
The almighty Capitol Hill was invaded by violent protesters, looted and many other variant levels of crimes underplayed. It has never happened before. If the CEO’s of those major social media flashpoint from where Trump was churning out divisive takes didn’t go ahead to ban or suspend him, and at the time that they did, in the coming days, more danger loomed for America and the rest of the world.
All you see playing out is for patriotism sake. If Trump incites violence and can through his social media handles write or tweet things that can cause chaos, disorderliness, destructions or deaths, block the damn man and loose the damn followership and business gains. America shouldn’t bunt down to ashes, just because Trump lost woefully in an election.
America is the oldest and most populous democracy in the world. America is a global leader in all facets. America should understand its place in world affairs, and as such, play its role aright. Trump has not only ridiculed America, but has also gone ahead and shamed the most powerful nation on earth.
My only worry with his ban from social media, and quite frankly too, is that in the coming years, it might bring about laws against freedom of speech, of differing opinions and stands. However, for now, the choice of social media platforms banning Trump is not only fair, but right, justified and timely too. If it would put to an end, his startling, troublesome, chaotic and demeaning temperament, so be it.
Trump is an agent of America first, and so, in keying into his America first mantra, Mack and Jack are doing him the deserved courtesy. He has got served.
President Trump has been shown the way out. On the 20th, willing or not, he must vacate the White House for a duly and democratically elected President. It’s laughable, yet good when arrogant narcissists like Trump are humbled and maybe even humiliated too. I mean, when they’re served in their own plate. No one has a monopoly on foolery.
It’s on record that none other in America’s donkey years has so flagrantly abused or so recklessly desecrated America’s long-standing democracy as Trump has done thus far. In the past few months preceding his last weeks in office, he has succeeded in reducing America and its democratic process to ridicule. Perhaps, none other President of the United States has been so humiliated as he. However, he brought it upon himself.
Some of us who were onlookers from outside the American soil, yet understanding the tenets of power play and the place of America in world affairs and politics, had followed with keen interest. We are left lost in confusion and disbelief about all that has been playing out. They’re too shocking and revealing to be true.
To this day, we had been left startled, baffled, and confused on how a staggering seventy-five million Americans with their supposed sound morals, intellectual capacity, far-reaching sophistication in reasoning, and their political enlightenment could make their ways to their polling booths to cast their votes for a man who’s a known model to bullies globally, one who has no decency and doesn’t give a hoot about integrity.
The only consolation has been the final outcome of the entire process. Trump is one man who shouldn’t have even in the first place, been a President. Unfortunately, he was, and now, it’s the end of an era.
The incoming President, Joe Biden has a very tough job to do. The incoming Potus would be saddled with the responsibility of rebuilding all it is that Trump has destroyed beginning with rebuilding trust and hope of American nationals on the American soil, then proceed to international relationships and confidence in America.
It’s Trump out, and Biden in. America is a truly great nation, God bless America.
– Tobenna Obiano

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