Fulani Being Persecuted Because Of Buhari - Sule Lamido
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Former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido has pointed out that the growing hatred and dislike of Fulani in Nigeria today is due to the frustration of Nigerians in the hands of the administration of President Mohammad Buhari.

Lamido, a fellow Fulani like President Buhari, regretted that Nigerians perceive the Fulani race from the perceptive and horizon of the failure of the present administration, resulting in that they respond negatively to everything associated with the tribe.

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Speaking to journalists in his office in Kano on Thursday, he described this transfer of rash aggression as unfair to the tribe, which he observed are largely peace-loving and friendly to others.

He said that rather than attack Fulani, Nigerians ought to be angry with people like Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amechi, Rochas Okrocha, Chris Ngige, and Wole Soyinka, all of whom labored night and day to bring about the Buhari administration.

He insisted that President Buhari was the choice of the rest of Nigerians and not just the people of the Fulani tribe adding that whatever are his shortcomings today, should be borne by those who voted him to power and not a select tribe.

Lamido, a former Foreign Affairs Minister, stated also that Tinubu and his co-travelers, who brought Buhari to power have a moral duty to rise up at this moment and speak against the present attacks on the Fulani in the South – West region and in any other part of Nigeria.

‘I expect Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Ameachi, and the likes of Ngige to come out and frankly speak in the protection of the Fulani because they are behind the election of Buhari. But their criminal silence in the face of these horrible attacks on Fulani after benefiting jointly in the government led by a Fulani figurehead is worrisome and a betrayal of trust to the President and his kinsmen’

Lamido, who lamented the present inter-ethnic crisis in the South –West between Yoruba and Fulani argued that insecurity is prevalent in the whole of Nigeria.

‘Go to Zamfara, go to Gombe, go to Yobe, go Maiduguri. Are Northerners safe in their own region? Whether you are in the East, in the North, and in the West, it is the entity called Nigeria which is insecure’ he stated.

The People Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain implored the numerous nationalities and tribes in Nigeria to restore trust and belief in one another and peace would descend on the country immediately.