Cameroon Set To Recieve 1M COVID-19 Vaccine Doses — PM

Cameroon Set To Recieve 1M COVID-19 Vaccine Doses — PM
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Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute said on Friday disclosed that the country is set to receive ‘very shortly’ more than one million doses of Covid-19 vaccines.

While Pointing to ‘a deterioration in the epidemiological situation’ in the country, Dion Ngute told state radio that ‘more than one million vaccine doses will be available very shortly’ Although he declined to provide further details.

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He did not specify which vaccines they were.

Dion Ngute called on the population to get inoculated but said the vaccination programme would be on a voluntary basis.

‘In the space of one week, more than 3,000 new cases have been recorded, bringing the total number of people who have tested positive to Covid-19 to 38,988,’ he said.

Cameroon a West African Country, with a population of 26 million, has registered 588 deaths from coronavirus so far. The prime minister criticized the population’s ‘laxness‘ in applying anti-Covid measures, pointing out that face masks were obligatory in public places, and gatherings of more than 50 people were banned. Cameroon’s land, sea, and air borders would also remain closed, Dion Ngute added.


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