How Organised Religion Is Ruining The Morality Of Ndi Igbo

How Organised Religion Is Ruining The Morality Of Ndi Igbo
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Organised religion can be associated with so many negatives and inarguably, the most prominent amongst the group are confusions and limitations, regrettably, the story of its ugly footprints has continued to dent the once sacred moral fabrics of the highly revered Igbo people.

Scientific and historical fact-findings have overtime reiterated that organised religion was a ‘mistake’ that shouldn’t have been allowed to thrive in the first place, which was introduced by the Western Overlords and Imperialists, who lacked the most basic impetus to discuss morality with the Igbo man.

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Before the advent of organised religion around Igbo land otherwise referred and revered to as ‘Ala Igbo’, it is common knowledge that the Igbo man was highly moral and spiritual. With overwhelming ties with his roots, the Igbo man knew quite well that Ala – the Deity that represents the earth, fertility, and morality would always respond harshly should He go contrary to certain natural stipulations. Asides Ala, other prominent Deities such as Amadioha, Ikenga, and others were always there to ensure that the Igbo man maintained a sane life morally.

The proponents of Organised religion who were able to suppress, balkanize and subjugate the Igbo man, technically replaced the three ancient pillars of Igbo tradition which were divinities, ancestors, and the supreme being with an imaginary Jesus whom today’s business moguls commonly referred to as pastors have continued to ride on to perpetrate all manners of atrocities in different parts of Ala Igbo without dire consequences.

The new strange religion was upheld and indirectly structured in such a way that peopleĀ  were urged to commit as many atrocities as possible while with the firm assurance that denouncing the said sin and pronouncing the fictitious Christ could easily grant them a new slate to continue from where they stopped.

Today, organised religion has turned both its adherents and promoters into clowns and hypocrites.

Igbo young men who were once traditionally hardworking and innovative now find refuge in running to the nearest ‘Church’ from whence evil spirits standing ‘between’ them and ‘miracles’ would be chased out, or in some interesting cases ‘whipped’ out. Our ladies pursue church programmes more than they pursue good virtues in the quest to get married to their ‘dream man’.

Today, a very good orator in possession of a microphone on a pulpit is more dangerous than an armed robber brandishing a riffle on the highway, how else can one explain horrible situations where people are meant to part with tithes, seeds, offerings and in some desperate instances a full month salary simply to ‘trigger’ ‘God’s’ special blessings. The so called ‘Men of God’ commit despicable acts raging from rape, stealing, and other forms of immorality while strongly believing that they would only need to refer their ‘slaves’ that their ‘God’ instructed them not to ‘touch his anointed or harm his prophets’. This is terrible to say the least.

Igbo respect for life is greatly demonstrated in their respect for old age and Omenala – the moral power house of Igbo society, this reality is everyday washed down the drain going by the activities of organised religion in our clime. The respect for life and santicity of blood had been so eroded that every curious mind would remain in perpetual perplexity as to how we got here.

The dogma and doctrines of organised religion have collectively done heavy damage to the pysche of the next generation of Ndi Igbo, the very industriousness of the Igbo people is everyday being frittered away by these pulpit bandits and this wouldn’t have been possible had the wicked slave masters who subjected our ancestors to varying degrees of harsh treatments been roundly rejected many years ago.



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