Boko Haram Attack Adamawa Community, Kill 7, Abduct Many
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Some suspected members of the Boko Haram terrorist group on Sunday reportedly attacked and overran Kwapre community, which is in Hong local government of Adamawa state, killing no fewer than 7 people, abducting several, and also burning down numerous houses and every church in the community.

The attack was said to have taken place over the weekend in the remote town of Kwapre, close to Garaha, a community in Hong local government of Adamawa state.

According to local sources, the insurgents stormed the town in droves of hilux trucks pretending to be military, fully armed before unleashing terror on the unsuspecting Adamawa community.

The terrorist who abducted several persons were said to have left three women and six children, who could cope with the stress of the long walk who were later rescued by the military.

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Speaking to correspondents on Sunday, the chairman of Hong local government, James Pukuma, said, ‘There is little to say about this attack order than it carries all the trademarks of Boko Haram insurgents activities.

‘They came into our town in several trucks, launched and attacked our people, kill several, and kidnap men, women, and children.

‘The destruction is massive because at least 50 houses have been burnt down in this town.

‘They burnt down the market, they burnt down both primary and secondary schools of the town.

‘They have also burnt down every standing church in the town including the LCCN Church, the EYN Church, and the Catholic church too.’

Responding to questions with regards to the number of persons kidnapped, Pukuma said, ‘Right now we cannot hazard any speculations hence, we cannot confirm the number of persons kidnapped, because several of the residents have run away for safety, so we do not know who is missing or who ran away for safety elsewhere but what I can confirm right now is that they indeed abducted several people and even yesterday, the military were able to rescue, three women and six children that were abandoned by the insurgents because they could no longer cope with the stress of the long walk after transporting them out of the community.’

Speaking on the response of the military to the attack, Pukuma said, ‘The military came in late but because they were given a faulty intelligence report that the insurgents were planning an attack on Garkida, unfortunately, the insurgents had other plans, because after the military moved to secure Garkida, that was when they turned around and attacked Kwapre.

‘As you are aware, the area has a network reception challenge, so it was challenging calling on the military.

‘But they eventually came including the air force and their fighter plane but this area is covered in dense vegetation, so the military could not spot the insurgents and they might not have wanted to risk gunning down civilians.’

Kwapre community, like Garkida, is at the fringes of the Sambisa forest.