Somalian Lawmakers Vote To Extend President’s Term

Somalian Lawmakers Vote To Extend President's Term
President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo
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In a surprising move on Monday, Somalia’s Lower House of Parliament voted in favour of a bill that seeks to extend President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s term in office by two years.

The special election bill was overwhelmingly approved by 149 members in the lower parliament however it now needs to be approved by the upper chamber before it can be recognized as a law.

The President, Mr Farmajo welcomed the passing of the bill in the lower chamber, adding that after two years the Somali people will finally be able to elect their own president.

But opposition candidates and some of the regional state leaders rejected the resolution anyway.

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Former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, who is now part of an opposition coalition, declared that the country is in crisis and urged the international community to come to its aid it save it from imminent collapse.

Before the session began, Banaadir region police commander ordered all roads that lead to the parliamentary complex to be closed in a bid to stop lawmakers from attending the session.

He said his forces were against what he called a “term extension” for the president, whose mandate had expired on 8 February.

However, he was immediately fired.

The bill would still need to be approved by the Upper House of Parliament before it could be passed into law.



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