Pantami And The Presidency

Pantami And The Presidency
Minister of Communication, Isa Pantami
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During the electioneering campaign that brought Buhari to power, Nigerians were meant to understand that he was the Messiah. They sold him as a general who would fight corruption and terrorism from the front. Even when those of us that were neck deep against his candidacy were crying out, they called us bigots and christened a well-known dictator a ‘converted democrat’.

When he was making key appointments, he forgot Federal character principle, and appointed according to him ‘those he trusts’ and can work with. He excluded the Igbos and appointed majorly Core Northern Muslims into every key position in the country. It actually took him 6 months to make key appointments, and he systematically made sure people of his stock were all in those very important positions.
Isa Pantami is one of the very people Buhari trusts.

Now that Pantami and his like are into those very key positions that were strategically and consciously given to them, they are uncontrollable and can do anything they want and there’s nothing anyone can do about it other than cry and curse out on the social media.

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The truth is that many Nigerians do not think or ask pertinent questions. How can Buhari who promised you he was going to end terrorism now supporting terrorism? He has been paying ransom to bandits and herdsmen who have been serially kidnapping and raping innocent citizens. Same Buhari started pardoning, rehabilitating, and integrating Boko Haram fighters into the military and sending other ones abroad.

Isn’t it surprising to Nigerians how Sheikh Gumi know all the bandits stronghold in the North, yet Nigerian military can’t get there? He is always there demanding amnesty for them, while people who are with only flags are tagged as terrorists and constantly killed in the Southeast.

How can we forget so soon the utterances of Buhari in favour of Boko Haram? Is he not the same person that said ‘any attack on Boko Haram is attack on the North? Why are Nigerians expecting him to punish a man that has the same ideology with him? The ‘PRESIDENCY’s defence of Pantami and Kemi Adeosun example would have cleared your doubts.’

Are we not thinking in this country? Can anyone tell me the reason why BVN is jettisoned and NIN took center stage under Pantami? The reasons are many, but chiefly is to register the non Nigeria Fulanis as Nigerians.
All we are seeing recently in Nigeria is a calculated attempt to subjugate the rest of Nigeria by a very small group of people. Dogs and baboons are indeed soaking in blood, and whoever touches the Fulani stock has bought a repayable loan.

How do you think the Koran will be dipped into the Atlantic Ocean as once said by the Sardauna? Still remember when the ‘Presidency’ ordered the mop up of all the illegal arms in the country, yet leaving the herdsmen to wield powerful assault rifles? Remember Buhari’s reaction of “accommodate your brothers” after the killings of innocent people in Benue state by Fulani herdsmen? Hope you haven’t forgotten when Femi Adesina defended the senseless killings by the Fulani herdsmen by telling Nigerians that it’s better to give up their lands than give up their lives?

Everything happening today in Nigeria is well planned! Didn’t Sheikh Gumi threaten that Nigerians would regret it if Pantami is sacked?
It’s unfortunate that many are just realizing the state of the nation a bit too late.

Odumodu Gbulagu



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