Nothing Can Stop Nigeria’s Disintegration – Pastor Giwa

Nothing Can Stop Nigeria’s Disintegration – Pastor Giwa
President Buhari and Pastor Giwa
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The senior pastor of The Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has announced that nothing can stop the imminent break-up of Nigeria.

Giwa made this remark on Monday while accusing Lord Lugard of merging Nigeria against the wishes of the indigenous people to pave way for Fulanis to control the country.

In a statement sighted by Africa Today News, New York, Pastor Giwa said: ‘The first Governor-General of Nigeria, Federick John Lugard did a horrible thing to have joined the country together to pave the way for Fulanis to control everyone.

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‘The foreigners have hijacked the resources meant for the sons of the soil. Fredrick Lugard gave the Northerners the keys to Nigeria. White people don’t like those who are smart enough to question them.

‘Fredrick Lugard saw Northerners as fools that the white people could control, and that was the reason why he handed over the leadership of Nigeria to them. To date, the British still control our resources, we pay dues to them. Lugard joined us together, his wife named the country, what a horrible combination! Now, back to the situation within.

He further lamented saying; ‘Aside from Northerners themselves, if an Igbo man becomes the president today, he will still worship the Fulanis. The permanent solution to this is to change the name, Nigeria and let us have a new nation with a new constitution.

‘Either President Buhari likes it or not, God shall free His children from oppressors and tormentors. They have inflicted several mental or physical sufferings on the citizens of Nigeria.’

In recent times, Giwa has been very vocal about his desire to see Nigeria disintegrate.



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