Why We Can’t Fix NASS’ Leaking Roof Now — FCDA

Why We Can’t Fix NASS’ Leaking Roof Now — FCDA
Why We Can’t Fix NASS’ Leaking Roof Now — FCDA
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The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) has given reasons why it cannot immediately fix the National Assembly leaking roof or do a total rehabilitation of the complex.

According to the Public building managers, the contract for the project is currently undergoing procurement processes.

Africa Today News, New York understands that the FCDA had come under intense scrutiny and condemnation in some quarters following the embarrassing situation earlier in the week when senators were forced to abruptly suspended sitting following a downpour which affected the chamber.

Generally, By design, all public buildings in the nation’s capital including the Presidential Villa are under the purview of the FCDA in terms of maintenance.

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Richard A. Nduul, Head, Public Relations and Information at the FCDA said the management of the National Assembly had in 2019 approached the FCDA for a total rehabilitation of the facility.

The statement as obtained by Africa Today News, New York reads; ‘The attention of the Federal Capital Development Authority FCDA has been drawn to the recent flooding of the lobby of the National Assembly Complex, Abuja resulting from leakages from the roof. Our findings indicate that the leakages are traceable to blockages of drainages leading to seepage of water through expansion joints in the roof slab.

‘Full waterproofing of the roof of the White House building is a major aspect of the proposed renovation of the National Assembly Complex.

‘The Management of the National Assembly approached the FCDA in 2019 for a total rehabilitation and upgrading of the NASS Complex to bring it in tune with Parliamentary Buildings around the world.

‘This contract is currently undergoing procurement process in line with the Procurement Act of 2007 and will therefore be awarded as soon as it is concluded in conformity with the requirements of the Act and also considering all other relevant parameters.

‘The Authority (FCDA) therefore assures that when the time comes, this project will be executed meticulously in order to ensure that the nation gets value for the funds that will be expended as this has been the tradition with every other assignment which the Authority has undertaken’.



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