How Kanu Caused Death Of 60 In Four Months – FG

How Kanu Caused Death Of 60 In Four Months - FG
Mr. Nnamdi Kanu
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The Federal government of Nigeria has accused the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mr. Nnamdi Kanu of orchestrating the killing of 60 persons and the destruction of property in 55 violent attacks across the South East and South-South Zones within four months.

Africa Today News, New York gathered that the letter dated April 26, 2021, detailed the atrocities committed by members of IPOB on the alleged instruction of Kanu, who was then in exile.

According to the ‘demarche’ from the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to some western countries, the Federal Government objected to a statement by an agency of a western nation whose government had noted and admitted that the creation of Eastern Security Network (ESN), based on its own understanding, was to combat insecurity.

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The Federal Government, in its letter, however considered the statement (by the western nation) as ‘justifying the establishment of a militia by a non-state actor and glossing over the destructive and violent acts of IPOB and the ESN.’

‘In four months this year, IPOB has carried out over fifty-five (55) violent acts in various parts of Southeast Nigeria, killing scores of people and destroying many properties.

‘Indeed it would seem that the position of the (western nation) seems to have further emboldened Nnamdi Kanu, the self-confessed leader of IPOB.

‘As recently as 22nd April, 2021, broadcasting online from his base in London, Mr. Kanu has issued series of instructions to his militia and other members of the outlawed organisation, on acts of violence to be carried out within the territory of Nigeria,” the Federal Government stated in the letter.

The letter made copious references to some of the threats issued by Kanu thus: ‘Our madness has just begun.

‘Every night, young men will not sleep, you will come out, at the starting of every road that leads to every populated area under human habitation to make sure that appropriate road blocks are put in place to slow them down so we can catch them (Fulanis) and kill them.

‘That is what we want you to do. Obiano (Governor of Anambra State) from today onwards, anywhere you are seen in public, you will be attacked …. Obiano, … you are a dead man walking.

‘Any landlord that gives accommodation or rents his house or her house to a Fulani person, to an army personnel, to somebody who works for the police or DSS ….

‘Kill them. If you see the army and the police in your place, kill all of them… Kill them.

‘From today, I am announcing, there will be no election in Anambra State. Every edifice of election in Anambra State will be destroyed. I am warning you in advance. There will be no election. There will be no campaign in Anambra State.

‘Any vehicle you see, from tonight (22nd April 2021), 12 midnight to 5, destroy it completely. That is the time they (referring to Fulanis) move about abducting people. And we keep quiet. … What stops you young people from, once you see them coming around 4am in the morning, you will block all every exits, set it on fire?”

‘They will exhaust all the ammunition that they have. Then, we capture them alive and cut off their heads. All of them. Decapitate them,’ the Federal Government further quoted Kanu’s alleged instructions to IPOB members.

The Federal Government also noted that members of the outlawed organisation, in furtherance to these instructions, intensified their attacks on the specified targets.



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