Vigilante Nab Two Nigerian Policemen With Illicit Drugs

Vigilante Nab Two Nigerian Policemen With Illicit Drugs
Vigilante Nab Two Nigerian Policemen With Illicit Drugs
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There was shock and pandemonium in Edo State as two suspected drug dealing policemen were arrested by operatives of the local vigilante network on their way to a yet-to-be-identified location.

A video gathered by Africa Today News has shown members of the Nigerian Police Force allegedly caught peddling Marijuana; a contraband in Nigeria.

The criminal cops were accosted in a white vehicle which they claimed belonged to a friend.

According to one of the vigilante operatives sighted in the video who was full of shock, the Marijuana which is also referred to as ‘loud’ in local parlance is one of the most expensive in the country, selling for ₦5000 and above.

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Most of the disappointed security operatives in the video wondered why law enforcement officers such as policemen would be caught shamelessly blaming the same law they are empowered to enforce.

One of the suspects, upon interrogation, revealed that even his mobile phone was taken from a suspect whom he arrested in the past. When further quizzed about why he didn’t tender it as an exhibit, he simply retorted; ‘It doesn’t matter, I am a policeman’.

The leader of the vigilante group while briefing onlookers stated that; ‘We are looking into this matter critically, we want to know the truth’

‘We don’t want to oppress policemen, We are not police haters’ he added.

He went further to add that; ‘We are all working towards one goal’

The policemen were eventually whisked away by the gallant men of the vigilante force.

In recent times, Nigerian policemen have been described as one of the worst in the world in terms of professionalism and work ethics which has heavily depleted their moral authority to fight and combat crime.

Watch the video below: 



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