Pastor Nabbed For Committing Ritual Incest And Murder(Video)

Rivers: Pastor Nabbed For Committing Ritual Incest And Murder
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A pastor who was accused of ritual killings and incest has been nabbed in one of the remote areas of the South-South region of Nigeria.

The culprit who was identified as a popular pastor in the area claimed that he was initiated into witchcraft practices by his mother who directed most events in his life. He opened up that he runs a church ministry called The Upper Chambers in Chokota, Igbo-Etche, Rivers State an area which is close to the boundaries between Abia State and Rivers State.

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During his interrogation by some of his kinsmen and fellow village youth, he admitted to have committed incest with some of his children which led to the untimely death of eight of them. He also admitted to getting three of his daughters pregnant in the process of committing incest with them while blaming his late mother for using demonic forces to control him.

His 66 year old wife who also underwent some interrogation admitted that she was also a top member of his church and she admitted that she was aware of the fact that her husband has been committing serious incest and adultery. In a suprising turn of events, she defended her husband profusely while saying that she covered for him because she was supposed to that as his wife.

The pastor was submitted for cleansing by the spiritual head of the town while his church was bulldozed down by the members of the town’s youth security wing.

This goes a long way to show how barbaric and terrible some of these so-called pastors and men of God are when it comes to their personal lives and deeds when they’re not mouthing the gospel in front of their alters. If many members of these so-called churches would take out the time to deeply scrutinize their spiritual heads, it would be much easier to decipher the terrible cankerworm that parades society nowadays in the guise of religion.



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