The Right Formation In Process Women Are Evolving
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This young girl is my motivation for the week. She is the reason why I will not sleep on the mean hustle.

She fixed my generator in quick time.

I saw her doing the same for a restaurant where I go regularly to relax within my area and I was sucked in at her profound mastery of this skill – the dexterity was top-notch and her general camaraderie.

She dismantled and coupled mine in minutes and asked intelligent questions around my complaints.

I was tempted to ask her and I did eventually…

‘How old are you and when did you learn this?’

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She declined to answer the first question but told me she’s been in this for two years. I was amazed. When you see a woman who is more than the generic definition of roles especially in the context at which we know women in Africa, you will admire them on many levels.

I told her that my church on Facebook will give you a small remuneration to encourage you and I will also make her number available for those who would want to push this young girl forward within her area of specialization.

I love the consciousness amongst young women who know that they can earn their own money legitimately without spreading their ‘opiotus’ for it. Atleast, if you need to get down – it becomes for the fun and jocund ecstasy and that’s a better ‘working’ conditions.

How do we teach more women to understand that there is nothing like ‘gender roles’ as they have summarily believed in the past? Women can be more. Women can be Presidents, Heads of States, Ministers, Miners, leaders of differing organizations? How do we make more women around us see themselves as the solutions for tomorrow’s problems?

With the right crop of women holding it down secularly, we will have a populace that is far from what is obtainable today. A people of wonderful Doings!

By Dr. Onyeka Chiemelie