DreamsAlive: African Nurses’ Sure-Way To Work Abroad

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After years of painstaking efforts to study, investing your time and life, after exhausting your resources, after intensifying your efforts to pursue passion and a life of fulfillment as a nurse, not forgetting the possible extra years of an unsettled higher education system in most African countries and the intentional attempt at frustrating the efforts of students by the lecturers and some of those in authority; you eventually graduate and that’s when the reality of the hopeless situation stares you right in the face.

You are reminded that there are so many others like you who look to achieve similar dreams but unfortunately, there is little to no opportunity in the country you’ve found yourself in. A few, seemingly fortunate people might eventually snag a job but the question still is, is the job worth it? Does it fit their dreams and expectation? Are the remunerations worth all the effort and work put into it? Is it what they actually want for themselves? Are they happy and fulfilled?

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It is no longer news that these nurses deserve a chance at fulfillment but the availability of such opportunities are little to non-existent in Africa, hence, the search for greener pastures. A significant majority of them are faced with this dilemma and do not know what to do. They get informed that their services are well appreciated and needed in saner climes, they realise that they could pursue those dreams and actualize them but that bring up a bigger question. How exactly do they go about the process? What has to be done for those dreams to be actualised?

A lot has to be done because leaving the shores of a country to another requires a lot of preparation and readiness towards the move. The question of immigration comes up and a greater confusion arises. How exactly does the African nurse who is likely battered and bruised from the uncertainty that has bedeviled her existence, first as an African then as a nurse who has had her dreams thrown to the wind and is battling to see it revived, work towards leaving the shores of the country?

They are caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. The knowledge that there are opportunities elsewhere but they do not have the slightest idea on how to go about it is disheartening. They hear that there are certain exams to write and pass, without which they cannot work. They also get informed that it is not an easy ride but of course, they put on the doggedness they are known for and begin plans towards making a move. They are not exactly certain about what steps to take but like they say, it is better to try and fail than not try at all, right?

Eventually, they try and they fail because they are not well guided and hence their misery is extended and it seems like all hope is lost. However, the dreams of fulfillment as a health professional, particularly as a nurse should not go to waste regardless of the circumstances surrounding recruitment in your home country. There are ways that immigration as a nurse can be handled without all the uncertainties that come with trial and error. That is where help is needed and there has to be someone to bridge the gap, someone who knows what is lacking as well as how to remedy it, someone who understands the dream as well as how to make it a reality, someone who has all the information at their finger-tips. This is where ‘DreamsAlive Health Consult’ comes in. Makes sense?

DreamsAlive Health Consult is a leading gold-standard of international nurse recruitment agency with seasoned experts in the nursing/health profession as well as immigration, who help with the nurses’ relocation and placement in the United States of America. They are saddled with the responsibility of providing the best guidance and offer professional support in the international nurse recruitment process.

They ensure that verification is done successfully and the authorization to test is obtained, they provide guidance on the best way to study and pass the NCLEX examination, they help you to secure your permanent residency visa as well as ensure a job placement in a hospital or nursing facility where quality remuneration is assured. What more can anyone ask for? DreamsAlive Health Consult is that bridge between uncertainty and fulfillment.

It’s easier now. Take that step. Visit their website on https://dreamslive.net/ and begin this life-changing journey.



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