Guinea Coup Leaders Announce Nationwide Curfew

Guinea coup leaders announce nationwide curfew
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Special forces who seized power in Guinea on Sunday, capturing President Alpha Conde, have announced a nationwide curfew ‘until further notice’ as well as the replacement of governors by the military.

The junta also said in a statement read out over national television that it would convene Conde’s cabinet ministers and other top officials at 11:00 am (1100 GMT) Monday in the capital Conakry.

Guinean special forces seized power in a coup on Sunday, arresting the president and imposing an indefinite curfew in the poor west African country.

‘We have decided, after having taken the president, to dissolve the constitution,’ said a uniformed officer flanked by soldiers toting assault rifles in a video which was sighted by Africa Today News, New York.

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The officer also said that Guinea’s land and air borders had been shut and the government dissolved.

On Sunday evening the junta announced a nationwide curfew “until further notice”, saying it would convene Conde’s cabinet ministers at 11:00 am (1100 GMT) Monday.

‘Any refusal to attend will be considered a rebellion,’ the statement added.

The country’s governors and other top administrators will be replaced by the military, the statement said.

For their appearance on state television, members of the junta were wearing berets and dressed in fatiques, with no weapons apparent.



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