Creating Compelling Content Using Storytelling As A Tool

Creating Compelling Content Using Storytelling As A Tool
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‘The brand with the best story will win the hearts, minds, and business of those it serves.’ – Onyeka Chiemelie

Here’s what to do starting now to uplevel your content creation strategy using storytelling as a pivot immediately:

1. Look at the stories your industry’s talking about: the repetitive, overused, unoriginal ideas, pitches, and promises.

2. Isolate what you’re going to share that’s different that educates, informs, and talks about that others in your industry are overlooking, or taking for granted.

3. Figure out unique ways to convey this to the world: something distinct, unepxected, value-driven, and relatable as an extension of your audience’s values.

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4. Lean into this a LOT and provide this in an ongoing and continual series of posts. Don’t lose sight that is a long play and plant seeds for later harvesting.

5. Get inventive.

6. Be relentless.

7. Look more closely into the comments and types of questions that surface in the replies you get and use those to create more meaningful posts and content, and lastly, produce more than anyone else.

#Contentmarketing is growing and becoming more competitive. As a business owner, it is necessary to stay on top of it all. To find success and create a viable, notable online presence, it is important to create content about what you can do, how you can do it, and why you do it better than anyone else in your field.

By knowing the best content strategies by top content markers, you can be confident that your content is reaching the target audience and you are meeting the marketing goal for your organization.

This gives your audience something to talk about. The book, “THE BUSINESS OF CONTENT MARKETING,” gives you insight to the best tools you need to promote your business.

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