Daily Affirmation Using Alligator Pepper (Oseora/Oseoji).
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Alligator pepper is a must-have if you are a traditionalist and nwafor Igbo. Alligator pepper is very spiritual and plays important roles in Ọdịnanị spirituality. Affirmation helps one to face the day and brings forth goodness from the universe. How to affirm using alligator pepper. Buy it, when you buy it, do not open it in front of you. Take it behind your back and open it using your fingers. Then bring it in front of you again pour the tiny seeds into a white plate and collect the number of seeds you need.

Collect 4 seeds from the plate. Hold it in between your thumb and finger. Use the exposed seed to touch your body start from your head, make sure the seeds are touching your body to your chest, tummy, hands, chest and toes. Round it 4x times over your head ANTI-CLOCK Wise, then throw it away. Be sure you throw away the seeds where no female would cross over. If any woman crosses over it, the purpose is defeated. It becomes useless. Cleanse yourself by declaring yourself clean and pure from any jinx, negative aura etc. You must affirm boldly.

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Use seven seeds of alligator pepper, stand on bare feet, put the 7 seeds into your mouth. Do not chew them yet. Call on Anyanwụ na Agbala, your Chi, Ndị Ichie, Agwụ, Aja-ani, Alusi gị, Ndị Mmiri gị, Ndị Otu gị, the market day etc thank them, state your INTENTIONS with positivity. Start chewing the 7 seeds in your mouth, don’t swallow them, splash it out 4x saying that your hearts desire will come to pass on Eke, Orie, Afọr, Nkwo. Then go about your business of the day. Surely you will receive answers to your intentions.

If you are embarking on a journey and you are not sure of your safety. Take 7 seeds of alligator pepper and put inside your pocket. It will protect you against poison or accident. On your return, immediately remove them and throw away. Or put whole alligator pepper in your pocket.

©️Dibịa Nwangwu Uchendu; BA(French), PGD(Education), M.ED(Educational Management)
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