Significance And Uses Of A Day Old Chick In Ọdinani
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A chick classified as a ‘day-old chick’ is up to 72 hours old (this is when the yolk sac in the egg runs out). A young bird, especially one newly hatched is hundred percent recognized in the spiritual world for spiritual sacrifice. It is used in almost every spiritual sacrifice.

Generally, spiritualists ie Eze nwoke, Eze mmụọ, Eze nwanyi, any traditional person must know the significance, importance and usages of a day old chick. A day old chick serves all purpose in Ọdịnanị. It is used for spiritual sacrifices especially, if there is scarcity of matured native hen, cock or not. Chicks are primarily used in cleansing and removal of negative energy and aura before embarking on the main spiritual works.

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A young chick is very powerful in its innocence and virgin state of purity. It is used to remove spiritual bankruptcy, anything concerning lack of finance. It is used to bring down Agwụ during the installation process and also used in removing destructive charms from one’s life. Majorly, chicks are so important and powerful in this Ọdịnanị journey, you can use a day old chick to rebound and destroy evil spiritual works against anybody plotting your downfall in life.

Its uses are so vast that young chicks are never under-rated spiritually. Spiritual works ranging from works against hindrances, Stagnation, Marine sacrifice, Agwụ installation, Cleansing, Destruction of charms, Revival of life, River rituals and appeasement, you can use a day old chick to do numerous works that is acceptable in Ọdịnanị Igbo spirituality for thorough break through as it is effective and efficacious in spiritual realms.

Do not under-rate the young chick because of its smallness. The precious innocence it posses has the ability to make a difference in today’s spirituality as it has been a long time ago during our fore father’s era. The cry of a young chick resounds and reverberates physically and spiritually enough to evoke its powerful potential for the work it is being used to make things happen.

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