Things You Should Know About Feathers: Symbolism, Usages
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Ile ọma means humbly requesting for benevolence from the mariners. Especially, an individual who is not in good terms with their marine family (Ndị Mmiri). One who is a water element or any other element should go to their river of incarnation (Mmiri Chi) to appease the river spirits for assistance. This can be done (Ile ọma) in the river by the person. Or a good spiritualist, dibịa Mmiri on behalf of someone in their incarnator river (Mmiri So Chi) or the Dibịa Mmiri, own river. When asking mariners for something try and include what they love and use symbolic items to attract what you want them to do for you. By requesting for benevolence, one can easily obtain favour and grace from Ndị Mmiri.

Use items that will attract and make water spirits reconsider, enough forgive a mariner’s misbehavior and negligence despite the individual’s deviant and ignorant attitude. Best is to appeal and cajole your marine family to intervene. A benevolent request from the depth of the heart, brings miraculous transformation to difficult situations that enable someone to receive favorably for the mariners to open closed doors for financial favors among others. For instance: Money for river spiritual sacrifice (Ịbụ Mmiri), Car, Land, Promotion, Child, Power etc. Worthy to note are the items to buy for ile ọma . Things like White Plastic bowl, Fanta, Nzu, Edo, Ọjị Ugo, Toys, Biscuits, Pop Corn, Small quantities of rice/beans, Ground nut, Native Egg, Small Hot, 4 Cowries, Sweets & Bubble Gums, White Candle, a day old chick etc.

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👉 Include all items in the white plastic bowl except the native egg, a day old chick and oji Ugo.
👉 On arrival to the river,
👉 Use Ọjị Ugo to make your request.
👉 Break it and throw it inside the river.
👉 Use the native egg and plead with them to temper justice with mercy.
👉 Move the native egg anticlockwise over your head 4x.
👉 Break it inside the water.
👉 Bring out the items meant for them. 👉 Start declaring your intentions over them.
👉 Then throw them gently in the river.
👉 Now use the day old chick to speak against any hardship, hindrances against receiving favors or financial aid.
👉 Move the chick anticlockwise over the head 4x and throw in the river.
👉Scoop water to wash your face 4x and leave the riverside.

This is acceptable by mariners, once one perform such ritual with a clean, holy and open heart. Answer is guaranteed and come speedily, therefore do not hesitate to ask from your water family and never joke with Ile ọma even if you do not have money. Use the little you have to ensure that you get native egg, oji Ugo, a day old chick, fanta but if things are so difficult only one Ọjị Ugo is sufficient for one to make a benevolent request from them.

Note in some communities, there are rules and regulations put in place against polluting the river. Some communities forbids spiritual sacrifices inside the river while some demand for money to grant permission. One can solve the problem by asking the marine family to come to a safe spot ie bush nearby the river to receive their offerings. In conclusion, water has no enemy.

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