Three Killed In landslide Following Heavy Rain In Algeri
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No fewer than three people were confirmed dead on Thursday when a residential block collapsed in a landslide in Algiers, emergency services revealed, bringing the death toll this week in heavy rains in the Algerian capital to six.

Africa Today News, New York gathered that a 17-year-old boy and two men were killed before dawn in the collapse of the ‘precarious’ building in the Rais Hamidou district of northern Algiers, the fire and rescue service said.

In a statement, the emergency outfit revealed that, ‘Rescuers are still searching for other possible victims’.

Two men and a woman died when their building collapsed in another landslide in the nearby Bologhine neighbourhood on Tuesday, also following heavy rain.

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The Algerian General Directorate of Civil Defense wrote on its Facebook page regarding the incident of the collapse of a landslide in Bologin, Algiers, that the civil defense teams were able to pull out from under the rubble the third victim of the dead female sex, bringing the death toll to 3 (two men and a woman), in addition to two injured children.

According to the media, the residential house consists of a ground floor and an upper floor, which collapsed as a result of landslides after heavy rains in the capital. The Algerian capital and many coastal cities witnessed large amounts of rain falling between 60 and 80 mm, according to the Algerian meteorological services.

Africa Today News, New York gathered that in March, flooding due to torrential rains in the northwest of the country resulted in six deaths, five of them children.

In May, seven people were killed in various provinces across Algeria during flooding after heavy downpours.



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