Mother-Earth: Aja-Ani/Ajana
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Aja-ani connotes the sand you walk on while you step on solid ground. It is a female deity called Nne Ani (mother earth) that is inter-connected with CHUKWU OKIKE OBIỌMA. Aja-ani is divided into 3.

1. AJA-ANI NGWULU (Nke Bee Nna gị)

AJA-ANI NGWULU is in charge of every children born into a specific family. Ndị ichie Ngwulu takes care of the upkeep of every child born in that family. Every family has Aja-ani that guides, protects and fights for them. If your ancestors are known for nkà n’uzu your ancestors (ndi ichie) will ensure that talent or ability does not die off your family. They will always transcend the gift by choosing the next person in-line that you ensure continuity in that lineage.

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Aja-ani Ngwulu possesses healing powers. In rare cases of untreatable ailments once you go home and step with both feet on the ground, in village or Aja-ani bee Nna gị, one is healed miraculously. Aja-ani bee Nna is very strong and powerful reason why some spiritual works are done using sand gotten from your father’s side as point of contact to exercise authority over the problem. It can be use for good or bad. Many spiritualists, pastors, evangelists etc knows how highly and spiritually efficacious it is. Aja-ani Ngwulu also relays message of imminent death of anyone, be it great or small person in that family. It gives sign for those who are spiritually awake.


This is the earth/sand of the entire village where you are indigenous to. Aja Ani is spirit which is controlled by Nne Ani (Mother Earth). Ndị ichie Ani gị oversees the entire village and everyone born there. For example, Awka has Aja-ani, both young and old born in my village, Aja-ani Ndị Ichie takes care of them. If there is something that will affect the entire village, the revealing spirits will visit Eze Mmụọ Ani Awka or Obu Ndị Ichie, either through Ogwugwu, Imoka, Ovufe. Solutions will be given to forestall that from happening.


From the beginning of the town’s landmarks to its boundary of your town. Aja-ani works hand in hand with all deities in that town. This is to ensure total protection, provision, blessing, equity, justice for her children of that particular town. Most communities celebrate Nne Ani yearly to thank her for her benevolence upon their land and their children and for a good harvest because she owns everything on that land. Every community or villages have Aja-ani. If you are Ọdịnanị person you will need to locate your people’s Aja-ani, visit their with somethings like Kolanuts, Nzu, Hot drink to meet the Eze Mmụọ in charge of Aja-ani, then venerate Nne Ani and seek for her blessings.

Finally, take note that Mother earth is Supreme. She owns everything in this life, your body, properties, possessions etc. Anyone who dies is lower six feet to the ground. Aja-ani also fights for her children and strikes down evil doers when called upon by those that their hands are not tainted with blood or any Nsọ Ani.

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