Fire Element: Nwoku/Njoku/Nweke: Eke Market Day
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There are 4 Elements namely: FIRE, WATER, AIR AND EARTH.

FIRE 🔥 ELEMENT is the first element.

Fire stands for justice, change, transformation, new beginning and end, passion, leadership power, intensity, heat, protection, destruction. Nothing goes into fire and comes out the same because of its transformation power.

Fire gives life to everything on Earth, Fire is light as well. The ruler of the fire Element is ANYANWỤ (The SUN) the sun powers the whole universe, the energy of the SUN is all about giving and caring for others. We need the sun to survive, plants and animals also needs the SUN to survive. The SUN starts a new day daily, and can give a new beginning to anything. The God of Lightening is AMADIOHA in Igbo land who lives in the SUN. His colour is red and his symbol is a white ram.

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1. Flames we use in burning and cooking.
2. Liquid fire as in volcano Lava and the one that melts metals.
3. Lightening which powers Electricity.


1. You love sincerity and truth.
2. You love justice and hate oppression.
3. You are fearless.
4. You are impatient and make a lot of hasty decisions.
5. You love to give plus render help to people.
6. You are a big time Hustler and a go-getter.
7. You love to see change and transformation
8. You are super hot tempered.
9. You are a free spirit that loves to laugh and have fun.
10. You love to challenge yourself constantly.
11.They like to discover new things, very inquisitive in nature.
12. You are intelligent and love knowledge.
13. You have a masculine energy regardless of your gender. Most women with fire 🔥 element behave like men, they hustle and handle matters like a man. It is not about accusing spiritual husband or say they are aggressive.
14. You are passionate and emotional.
15. You have strong libido.

Fire element are not idle or docile people they work hard. They always like to start something new and always like to be busy working or planning out things.
They are in being self employed for instance, good at handiwork, as artisan or business people.
They are good at Project management or construction works.
They do not function well at administrative or office job that requires sitting in one position because their energy requires them to be active. If they are paid 1m, they feel unfulfilled as a person because fire element is not using the energy to the fullest potential.

When you harness the power of fire or light element, there are certain spiritual works you can do with it.
Their specialities:
1. To remove spiritual hindrances.
2. They can do love work of uniting two people.
3. Spiritual works for protection, back to sender work using fire 🔥candle 🕯
4. Ability to change situations from bad to good.
5. Ability to lead spiritual works in team spirit.
6 . Reversal spells and rituals.
7. Spiritual projections using the sun ☀.
8. Curse breaking.

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