Over 16 Die Trapped In Vehicles From Snowstorm In Pakistan
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No fewer than 16 people were confirmed dead on Saturday morning after heavy snow trapped them in their vehicles as tens of thousands of visitors crowded Pakistan’s hill town of Murree, the interior minister has disclosed.

In a video message which was obtained by Africa Today News, New York on Saturday morning, Sheikh Rashid revealed that the military has been mobilised to clear roads and rescue people still trapped, adding that; ‘At least 16 to 19 people died inside their vehicles.’

Over 100,000 cars had entered the scenic town of Murree in the past few days to see the unusually heavy snowfalls, causing an enormous traffic jam on roads leading in and out, a police spokesman said.

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Murree, about 70 kilometres (45 miles) northeast of Islamabad, has long been popular for day trips from the capital.

The Punjab province chief minister’s office said Murree had been declared a ‘disaster area’ and urged people to stay away.

Meanwhile, rapid wildfires in the US state of Colorado on Friday destroyed hundreds of homes while also forcing no fewer than 33,000 people to flee, officials have disclosed.

Africa Today News, New York gathered that at least 1,600 acres (650 hectares) were burnt in Boulder County, much of it suburban, even as officials have warned that deaths and injuries were likely as the blaze took hold of a hotel, shopping center and apartment complex in the town of Superior.


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