Women at 40

By Sir Stanley Ekezie In recent times, I have come across all manner of people, I have interacted with men and women from all walks

KADARIA: We over rated her

By Nicholas Endeley Two weeks ago we thought she was the most intelligent presenter in Nigeria. We were wrong. She shone because she interviewed one Maloo

Who Is Really Mohammadu Buhari?

By MarkAnthony Nze A man that joined the military without the prerequisite qualifications. A man that was over promoted ahead of his peers to the

The Igbos and the 20 pounds

By Odumodu Gbulagu Victimization of Igbo industrialists by the Nigerian state After the war, the Nigerian government left the Igbos for dead, hence the reason

Suffering and Smiling

By Odumodu Gbulagu Every day my people dey inside bus.. Forty-nine sitting, ninety-nine standing Them go pack themselves in like sardine Them dey faint, them