One Nigeria Is A Ruse

  In 2014, I and several other Nigerian University graduates had been shortlisted to write the Presidential Special Scholarship (PRESSID) designed exclusively for First Class

Message To Igbo Youths

  Biafra became the first black nation to successfully hijack a Plane. At the height of Nigeria-Biafra civil war, it took the lion hearts of


The Bayelsa Bombshell

The Supreme Court has been adding a lot of spice to our politics in recent times, but I did not see the Bayelsa bombshell coming.


What’s Actually Good In Nigeria?

  Nigeria is a land richly blessed with abundant natural resources. Our Human Resources which is the pivot of every economy is not just enourmous,

Nnamdi Kanu

The Fear Of Nnamdi Kanu

  Igbo leaders should call on the army to leave Nnamdi Kanu area immediately, allow the family to bury their parents in peace. This is

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